My grieving gripe column today

The truth of the matter is no one can prove who the hell the kids are whose parents today today belong to ?
We have severe wracked our brains for 32 years trying to figure out why the hell this shit is happening to us.
I personally have not committed any crimes. I don't break the law where I don't have to. I'm sick and tired that the United States of America abusing my family in favor of some immigration law is not that I don't care about refugees and immigrants And those who defected their own country. And I'm not opposed to getting out of the deficit. However I am opposed to more criminal mischief racketeering organize crime Or imposters but that is the problem of United States of America today that we cannot legitimately allow this to happen and yet we are at a low on manpower This does not mean that you are going to defeat as an imposter legislation from South America here in the United States it does not mean that you are going to gain any ground whatsoever on this issue you are going to have to accept the truth no matter what the outcome If we are allowed we are to allow immigrants and refugees in the defectives come and gain residency inUnited States of America And we must make provisions for ourselves as delegates of the United States of America and those who approved and disapproved of what their imposing . We have been in more for a very long time. It's time to set aside our differences and start focusing more on the root of the problem. Despite our ill-natured it towards all of this we must come together as a people any humane Way in settle our disagreements. Although there are savage people in this world that we must acknowledge from time to time I don't see where they would win out in any given situation I do believe that we have the capabilities of dealing with this with out more violence and death but I do not see succumbing to the war against drugs as being the answer everyone who is the United States of America citizen all to know we have peace treaties and we have agreed that there will be no war in the United States of America although that is what it seems like we've been facing In the states and yet the government will not stop the war on drugs in the United States of America And now we are faced with something much more complicated which we do not want to apply and that someone has brought out the holy Bible and thought everybody should join a religious group so now we're faced with a multitude of influence religions and Occults and cults While some families are struggling just to stay together this is the grand plan of the communist country to deteriorate human family unit as we know it and repulsed us with their medical ideas and plans Not everyone is interested in mateing the blackbird with the Redbird, Oh what a beautiful children they can make by splicing this Jane and disintegrating another one. God's plan is for human kind to be a tentative to his plans not what mankind can do and if you feel compelled by God is so much of a way then you should be sitting in a psychiatric hospital undergoing these torturous treatments and test rather than having the general population decide for you. 
You should really really want to know is this the plan of God or is this the plan . Everybody on the planet God's people have want And need. Not everyone's needs and wants can be fulfilled. But we sure give it Our best try. Because some people's wants and needs are directly opposed to another not everyone achieves happiness Some perfectly content in their pessimistic life but my point is if we as a people unite in a peaceful way with the United States government are they gonna slack off On us? When they see your name will they say or  go oh I don't think I want to do anything for this person simply because 50 people told you that that person was Ill or psychotic or a criminal does that give them less? Perhaps that's exactly what they prefer and then maybe not so who are you going to listen to what are you going to call great and Worthy Who are you going to call a spotless lamb? Who Will you hire for the job? Will you choose a black person because the color of their skin or an Indian because their native all-white person because they're pure and will you ever believe that things that people tell you about your family will you shut the door and ignore the truth always get to work on what it is and what it should be and not what you think it should be United States of America and is not the Dominican republic they are freedom we are liberty life and prosperity the world cannot function under Dominican Republic in the United States and everything that is communist is definitely put aside for a rainy day we definitely look at you and we at knowledge what you're saying but we know that that is not a functioning brain and is dead in Christ not all Dominican not all Mexican-Americans of people from the south believed in communism and Dominican isn't a Catholicism some believe another things is because that's where the little geniuses went to work but we allowed you because it's all religions are inures is a religion of going to call status that we allow this to happen and now we are regretting it we at this family is not ready to tackle all of this although we listen and read knowledge you and we don't ignore we simply do not like the purging effect that we get from it and some people continue to purge and purge and purge Even at the detriment of others stop taking knowledge meant of what you're doing and stop hurting people just because we don't understand doesn't mean we don't count you as a human being and just because we we hear what you say doesn't me we were going to do what you say. We follow the United States of America you might be Dominican in the United States of America that you are not a leader unless you can except what the United States of America has to offer and if you don't like it you cannot change it you have to learn to live with what they people stand for you cannot keep going against the grain thinking you're going to make this world a better place by adding the chaos of another religion that is not in the fiber is like trying to mix chili ingredients and recipes are totally contradictory and causes of the poisonous gas it kills people so there's my gripe for today have a nice one and I hope you enjoyed it


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