Friday, August 09, 2013


Amendment 64 was not approved and will not be approved unless we as people of the United States of Texas received full documentation signed and ratified by nine states the approval documentation records and the area in which amendment 64 will be containing such as policed by the FDA the FTA similar to a license to serve alcoholic beverages in a liquor store or in a place of business where they  serve liquor.
All person serving liquor must have a liquor license not just the owner but the waitresses and waiters who serve alcohol and must be at the legal drinking age would be in Texas age 21 If the amendment 64 is pass it will be similar to Amsterdam Holland where they also serve hashish in the bars and restaurants of certain orders in the red light district areas and bluelight district Areas, is America actually ready to attack this feat?
 Please be careful of false media reports and documentation please be aware That the media and the government and the local policing officers sheriffs department are severely punishing drug abusers in the county, in the city of Houston you a pretty much running your own risk. Many officers have now abandoned the city of Houston in favor of the counties And low-lying areas. And trust me they are rolling People who are on disability in favor of possibly the  R.a. funds" relief assistance". Many changes are on the board but we don't know if these are legitimate changes Or just moreof oppression, Robberies or trickery! 
There is definite Commerse in some of the marijuana trade and the hashish trade in that is intensely in depth of what this is about. California skid Row got R.a Funding. The money never made it back into the pockets of those who provided the money therefore they figure it is not being used in the proper fashion. We as Texans who are disabled and casualties of war have never received a relief assistant checks. This is a catastrophe! Without approving something similar to the amendment 64 then you are taking a great loss but it would never are should never be provided by the American Medical Association when their primary oath is to first" do no harm". 
It seems all the collaborative efforts do not make one cents to those who are involved. 
Let's see the documentation of the amendments 64 and see if we can ratify? Truly  to put away for asunder this until it can be addressed more appropriately.

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