Oh pi TT?

Everyone knows how clever the Japanese are, They are Buddhists and monks all sorts of religious aspects including martial arts. 
And their intelligence excels in electronics engineering.
How close can that be true to my family here in America? We're non-Japanese.

Our family was even in the United States of America the military who went to war in Pearl Harbor and Vietnam not to mention other wars and their headstones in the graves dating back to 1890.
What was her fascination with Japanese art. Was it The art by Japanese wasn't the number pi?

Everyone sitting around the dinner table the whole family and there is times loads of food  and grandmother standing there were all waiting for someone to give us permission to eat and grandmother walks in the house grab the  pi knife and cuts into a piece of pie With that and steading And I was looking at the joy of pie I looked up that my decorations on the wall which were in remembrance of her and how much she appreciated Japanese art shaky hands and we were ready to eat. And now that I'm reading the joy of pi I recall her doing that. Grandmother had a certain way about her that it had to be appropriate and very well mannered. And we did not like being scolded if we went out of turn she would be scolding us. That is a verbal thrashing. Matter-of-factly no one was allowed in the kitchen to cook or come in while cooking was going on. And this was understood that only the cooks to do this but in the case of thanksgiving dinner and as age groups of bone we need extra hands in the kitchen especially at Thanksgiving.
And so was looking at the number pi L so remembered my grandmother's fascination with Japanese art and I also followed in the same tradition and put several pieces of Japanese art on my wall. Now Layman's might equate the number pi is being the resemblance in the Japanese language. I put some pictures here for you to see.


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