Pre siege war on Colorado

OIs my undrstanding that the way it's is in colorado with drug enforcement that we as texans had the same rules and laws that are being enforced in Colorado at this time with approximate guesstation I only know about the media hype its rough regarding that but those laws and rules were passing Texas along time ago before Our siege against drugs.
marijuana may be deemed a lesser the hopeful hypnotic In some persons opinions it still ranks high on priority and concern. 
The law stating that person can be caught with and ounce of marijuana is still just face minor charges and infractions but the law does not state whether not you can drive while you're on marijuana Because marijuana has a mild hypnotic some people believe that it's increases their concentration capabilities But the drug enforcement is still as strong as it ever was and when people do as assertain  the product a lot of times they are hijacked from it. Much like the Second Amendment law and people owning guns they also have been hijacked and even at gun ranges.
I would personally describe this war on drugs and city under seige closely resembling that are Ireland and the "black and tan"war.
Please be aware that the DEA drug enforcement past and the FDA and all these organizations are still steadily at work and they and their reminiscence lingers in the air that they do not intend to surrender their war against drugs but they steadily are induced by them. That there is a possibility that animals were used to Busts on arrest but nowthere  employing drug 
seeking clones.
Naughty naughty tisk tisk Isn't that totally nasty? 
There is not much difference in between medical professions pharmaceuticals and those of illegal street drugs except for street drugs are a lot cheaper and it is the philosophy of some that why will we just take a pill when we can just drink a beer for a lot less expense and trouble or getting prescription And pharmaceuticals are Mind altering and more addictive than let's say marijuana and beer Also  You must weigh the odds very very carefully before going into a program that substitutes one for the other, this lesson was taught long long ago which brings me to my conclusion are we fighting a war against pharmaceutical drugs or are we really fighting a war against street drugs what is the difference between the two should we not draw a definitive line between them for the safety and well-being of all mankind it is such particular program is so approved Then why are constables constantly knocking on their door And if treatment was defined as a periodical Timeframe In which one individual was to get treatment,then where is the so desired "stopping " point that everyone is considering and end to"the war on drugs".
Theoretically speaking is somewhat a sentinel loop , who people breech all thetime one  way or the other. Now we shall attempt to define what is the profiling of these people and how do they fit in to the broad picture. Why then do they answer to this"stigmata"when there has been no such criminal offense that would remotely profile them, with such drastic labels.
Perhaps, it's just an unclear language we should be accustomed to and try to understand.
There are many hidden dangers in acceptance. And we should pay attention to it with much appreciation For this is the world's worst job in America it is low pay and very little recognition. And because of this we have gotten corruption In the past. People this is the fight of your life! Win or die For the love of what you believe it recognize that having faith in anything is better than not having faith at all God bless you people we love you
With love for my fellow countrymen we adore you! Good day and goodbye.
Sincerely, ms. Dykema sr.


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