Signs of changing weather! Bipolar tactics.

You have to admire the work ingeniousness and the long hours that were put in to develop such high tech technology and this technology is the backbone of terrorism.
The reason I say that is because I just watched the genocide in Darfur Africa and Sudan. Seems that Africa and Darfur and Sudan do not have any resources or tolls today for oil so they employed China or Japan I'm not sure which one. And while I understand the war now in Africa and the terrorism placed on them by Arabians. I also know that China is fully capable of developing and working not only fulfill technology and supplies but also technology in the way of phone computers anymore.
But in the way of drugs China is the number one manufacturer of heroin and Africa the number one manufacturer of cocaine. There is no less comprehension why they have pain medications and why they use them. It is great pain to go through what they went through. But still terrorism is  in the United States and the blacks are being taught to fear Arabians.
Arabians and Persians are not underdogs and technology. They have United States educational grants and have studied a long time and are obvious why they are employed in companies such as ATT. But as a mass production of these technologies in the United States we had to learn that there are certain  laws  that we need to abide by even when it comes to our cameras cell phones and computers. And Africa star for and Sudon was under Cease fire and during a peace time people should not use cameras to aggravate people and a good story to follow would be "The Devil came on horseback".
Our US military lays the ground rules and enforces them. Sometimes we are not able to enforce such a large group but I'll be there promptly but they are in fact in tact and they are enforcing them. All this hype about cameras is a good thing but not when a person is in peace and sitting on a bench minding their own business and not doing anything wrong you don't need to take a picture of them. ThesePetty  ante pictures you can just make a mental note why not use your old brain for something. There are many vigils happening here in the United States and some of them are leaving candlelight vigil's in regards to the death of some child or someone, there should not be a vigilPersay. Actually vigils are against the law too. But not everyone can hold their tongue in such traumatic times. And sometimes a grieving mother cannot stop grieving and this send shock waves across every body. But here's a question for people who are bipolar why sit around and cry when there's nothing to cry about? And make everyone feel sorry for you when you hope you don't even have a problem. Sometimes by doing this you aggravate the problems. Stop crying! Don't you see you have a better life then some people do. But then you are elated and Grandioses And you walk past the very people who may need you.  That's cause you're on drugs baby. And you got to feed that addiction. With drawl is very very uncomfortable. We'd all like to roll with the good things in the good times and nurse off of it whatever we can do to satisfy our own selves, Pretty self-centered. And I hear that darfur and Sudon got into it because they didn't want to share maybe because they have royalty rights that they don't want to give up because they're greedy greedy people and that's all they think about.
But most of America is that way but when you have a certain amount and you must ration those provisions to someone who needs them you cannot take from the poor all your life! Some people believe that the stock exchange went down because it went broke or may be someone robbed it but the truth of the matter is that if you really look at those shares (we call it )they're nothing but rations. The rations are cut short in some peoples lives when you have to live off of Social Security disability welfare food stamps pantries and churches. And then we found the Robin Hood syndrome, This Cinderella complex. The problemsurface  every day. And I am not equipped to handle them. Because when you get on Social Security disability your education suffers from It, Because you're limited on the amount of money that you can make why your disability money is still coming in. And if your health is poor Then that is sucking up all the money. And Robin Hood is Robbing you blind. You'll never see the son of a guns hit you in the head you'll be gone before they know it. Move over rover let Robin Hood takeover. All hail no! Give me my damn money back! Hey we are fighting Again! So how do you keep peace during a cease fire? How do you stay off the drugs when you're in Africa and China? How do you not take a picture of a car wreck? How do you not call the police every day? How do you not call 911 for ambulance to take me away Calgon?
And where does the road end? It's when you come home! And you realize the error of your ways! And you accept Christ as your personal savior! And you learn
To pray, And you learn about praise! And you crawl into the bed you made And thank God you're alive! You made it through another day! And you didn't get shot at you didn't get burned you didn't get Rob and everything is working just fine. Your body says thank you, And you realize You love yourself and you love others and no one's gonna hurt you because they appreciate what you done, And they would never let anyone hurt you. You close your eyes and you go to that faraway place your mind Where everything is beautiful happy and sweet.
Have a blessed day we love you America we love you United States military god ibless you thank you for everything you've done For us today So when someone takes a shot camera shot at you and you're sitting in the park mind your own business just turn around and smile and pose for the camera! Not a big deal and go on about your way. You shouldn't have to sit newtons third law of relativity day in and day out struggling with whether or not you should yell at a person for taking a picture of you when you didn't want them to. But there is a line of demarcation everyone discuss it today.
Have a great day bye-bye now!


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