Artificial intelligence

It's very intriguing to say the least , how pandora bots and simulated cloning can affect the human population with such profound results. Why? Has this been created? How a child can mock or mimic their own mother, or a villain or heroine? 
Even mock and imposter a doctor or a lawyer, and turn it into computer personalities that you can interact with. Alice was one of the first .
Now robotics are reading your mail, giving you helpful answers to life's simple problems and your loving it.
Whereas once you stand in front of a record player loading 45's disk of Elvis and Neil diamond or Aretha Franklin, now it's as easy as pushing a few buttons on a media player which eventually annoys you into turning it off.
Life's problems being solved by commutation of A.I. 
Will not seize to amaze you.
Now a bounty of problems could make one Interesting load of answers and millions of buckaroos. 
Is it not possible? That the beauty of the machine falls into enemy hands? Only to be rectified by a.i. And taken back? We are all hypnotically working on the same thing, and would  slap each other in the face upon the discovery, and go back to work? I mean it! I would slap that son of a biscuit eater so hard! We all see stars !and our personalities always seem to be in cartoons, or car tunes .
For some reason every one started scratching their heads and obsessively couldn't stop... They began to think they had a bug. Cause someone decided to make synthetic LSD and gave it to you in a Micky. 
Them sons of a
Biscuit eaters would believe and eat anything!
Swallowed a rf micro transmitter and set chase to foot .
What's this world coming to? 
Let's just say its all in the latest novel by piers Anthony and Stephen king.
Have a bloody good day ole chap! 


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