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Do not interfere with police work

Because of the Texas death sentence and the execution of many people I am cautioning everyone that you meet and everyone that you see don't be too quick to judge those people and condemned them to death if you do not have concrete evidence. 

But on the other hand you have to allow it whatever they're doing to play out in order to find or convict a person of a heinous crime which is punishable by death. Unfortunately when and if this happens people seem to always get hurt.  And given enough time the criminal can escape. 
That's why I enjoyed watching the movie"Minority report". 
You've heard it said 100 times over when you see an American most wanted person or thing that that person is such a criminal to perform such heinous acts you call at the police and tell them this person is a suspect but they never go on just a hunch. So if you are aware of the fact that a person has committed such a heinous crime or such please notify your local sheriffs department or police department or Military police department.
For even if he is not apprehended after you make your statement to the police that you can cause at least some type of awareness around this individual that will either prove his innocence or condemn him to the crime which you thought that he committed. 
 And then I want to make you aware of the 10 Commandments one of the commandments is not to bear false witness against thy neighbor.
In rest back to this you know what incriminating damaging evidence can do when it is involving a vigilante or a posse or other groups a prejudice Even as much as the Black Panthers to name one. When justice is not rendered and even state troopers have issued or doled out judgments and sentences, Punishments. When you put the word out on somebody today's people really pay attention because people have so much hate bottled up inside of them for the way they've been treated in the past or in their lives. And just because a court will not judge or finds a real criminal not guilty because of power issues within the judicial system that they're usually can be with incriminating evidence judgments being rendered outside the judicial system that are also considered . And in light of this you must take great concern and caution when speaking such blasphemous an accusation know things about a person, Know that this person they have had a history of criminal views and know his nature and know about the way he lives to the extent that you're asking a posse to apprehending kill them and even go into a plot or webbing of events that would actually in evitably Calls the death of perhaps an innocent Man.
Seems to be more archaic events thatcause  things to happen in this way.

Elton John wrote a song called have mercy on the criminal and we all must learn to do this because someday we might be sitting on death row waiting first day of execution and then again maybe we won't but the truth of the matter is human being should not be so cold and ruthless. 
You should know your shit if you're hanging out with these type of people that will cause you to stumble and fall in your ways and in the righteousness of the path of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ. 
And you should run from these type of people at all cost.  New not make any business skills with them if you intend to stay with you decision on Christ. These people are like the murky swamp or quicksand you stepping foot in it and just sink right on down .
And you can better bet that getting to the bottom of the problem is next to humanely impossible. 
They don't feel they should give such secrets away and for good reason.
All your attendance may be pointless and a waste of time.
But if you are the victim have been victimized by the people that you are trying to convict and you have a better chance than most but if they kill you first there's no way that you could never change what happens.
Please be careful people when approaching dangerous animals andgawking at  people. Always stay aware alert and on your toes, Be prepared to do combat hand-to-hand or otherwise but please do not bring a gun into this person's presents. 
My last journal entry for today  
God bless siranara 


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