Thursday, September 05, 2013

Do you live in an ice cream parlor?

Now if we all lived in an ice cream parlor and we only had $.25 and you asked for a Double dip and double dip cost $.50 then who will pay the other $.25?

And if you weigh 400 pounds And are only 5'3" tall you know you cannot have a double dip of ice cream it tips the scale, and your health suffers from it.

But when I say someone is double dipping And if you're on rations of $.25 ...
Double dipping for your cause is not permitted. When another person has to pay their $.25 ration toward your double-dip and gets nothing in return. Quite frankly would starve to death before someone would take notice.

That sounds like a childish game but if you equation that with today's market, Everyone is paying a double dip price except for a few people. Who they lied to and say they're getting a discount, When it is 100% markup of the retail value and therefore that's not a discount. In sales you're not supposed to be able to market up 100% that would be the absolute maximum amount you could be charged. 

That's considered poor business practice. 
Then you turn and ask your business professional partner why are we losing business? 
The main reason is because you have broken one of the cardinal rules of business and sales. 
Double Dipping ! While disabled on social security because you think you're entitled to it because you snitch someone off? You answered a golden question. That's your obligation ! You shouldn't get paid for that.
Double dipping buying power wheelchairs and expensive medical equipment? 
Double dipping in the electrical companies accounts? 
Double dipping on the AT&T business accounts? 
And tried to double dip on the rental agreement? 
Stop with your electronic gadgetsin  doodads you're about to kill me! 

You got no court order to be double dipping in someone's account without there being aware of it and you got no court order because your damn thief!

Stop blaming everybody for your problems and start accepting responsibility for your own problems and trying to blame everybody for your health difficulties nobody's to blame for your health difficulties!

Especially when you sued them already and you were paid and you were paid in full and now you have to accept the fact that you were paid in full , and you need to stop complaining because nobody wants to listen to someone who has already been sued by you.

You got all your friends standing in line waiting to take turns Dragging Them into court over and over again because you didn't get much money off your lawsuit or so you say. Lied because your a liar and a thief!

It's it's a game that is so childish that nobody even is aware of the fact and it starts with one little quarrel and wound of Being trillions of dollars, to the government, to families, and the big squeeze to everyone else who is double shift working to catch up on their bills all ready.
That's the kind of thing that irks me the worst. 

I would not bark up that tree if you know what I mean because countersuit's can be equally as devastating.

You win some you lose some, That's the nature of the game of life. If you win all the time you might be a double dipper too.don't
take people to literally, And always haggle the price. 

Don't double-dip on the disabled!
And the disabled will not double dip on you.
But don't count your chickens before they hatch!
Disabled are doing a real service for you by haggling and not double dipping. When their needs and pain is exceedingly great. Thanks!

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