Donate plasma? Never again omg

A black man and a white woman walk into a blood plasma center to donate blood one after the other. 
They go in and lay down side by side and the nurses poke them with the needle and pumps out a pint of pure red blood from each of them...the woman pointed at the black mans blood and said I don't think we should take anymore of his blood looks like he running low , nurse said how do you know? Well can ya tell his is  orange? The nurse looked and walked away and came back with the blood minus plasma and ask the black man which is yours? "A" or "O"?
Which reminded. Me of a pick up line once use , "we all have red blood" , my blood is the same as your blood!
He said mines "A"......I told the nurse please if he trying I am gonna be mad when I get up from here . And I opened my eyes and said no man yours is "O"...
So they put our blood back and everything was cool,
Later on, I wondered if the nurse played a trick on us.
They wouldn't do that!?


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