Friday, September 27, 2013

How to connect home speakers to desktop sound card by tjgd

You can connect speaker wire to a 3.5 mm headphone jack with some soldering. Standard 2-wire speaker wire is designed to send a signal to one speaker at a time by creating a circuit from the audio source to the speaker. The marked side of the speaker wire is positive and the blank side is negative. A 3.5 mm stereo jack needs the signals from two 2-wire speaker wires to create a stereo output. The 3.5 mm connection uses a tip, ring and sleeve configuration to separate the signals.
Ask http// 
They have a nice descriptive seven step instructions. This means that you could get squid 3.5 mm female adapter and attach speakers as many as you want to your home Desktop computer and sound card. 
Yes that's right but you can have to be somewhat of a patient person to be working with that 3.5 mm plugs TRS because that would take you plenty of time to make x amount of plugs attached wire then to speakers but when you get all that done you can plug them into a squid it's in the back of your desk top computer with your bang up in videos soundcard or other monster sound card and have one of the most awesome sound systems in your apartment or home. The only problem is is that you'll have to send off that busybodies from next-door are upstairs because this will constantly annoy them. 
And it will come it will stupefy you if you do not have a set of headphones and halves noise cancellation and your insurance place that bang up stereo system on your computer because what's the purpose and having good speakers connected to your computer if you don't use him or  you alternatively use headset to stop annoying your neighbors, or calling attention to yourself and ultimately getting yourself ripped off by thieves . 
Do what you want just apply little courage, all things are possible! Have a great day bye

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