It's all psychological

It's all in your head, we haven't done anything to you, that is as of yet! No but what's wrong with my family why are they acting so strange towards me doc?
They are like the omen to me. 

I cannot do much with this shitty social security check its only 368.00 man ? And I got two children . 
I am disabled from their bullshit as it is! 
They took me from one nightmare to the next , who the hell are these people ? 
Why do they harass me so much?

I don't even know who they are ? 

And I detest them that much.

Why don't they leave?

Men are so seriously awful in relationships it is a total turn off!
I have reason to hate them but I am not gay or queer!
I am not going to go to work for them!
I'd rather have a gender war than a retarded one about anything else.
Men won't do a damn thing for anyone without expecting something in return.

Except maybe kill you or scare women to death.
Minorities are ten times more likely to start these wars that say the upper class of people.
I feel sorry for those who are beneath me.

Sed I love you !


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