Me and me Jones

IIt was the worst custody battle I've ever seen! Lived through.
Battle  I've seen the worst there ever will be and it nearly killed us all.
when you want something that bad ... Let me know! 

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He ever done came outright ... He wondered what am I doing wrong? I've done everything I know and knew to do to make it come outright, and still his pitch was off his dream was not right and his son almost died. And I cried ...he is my son too. I don't know how it all started and I don't know where it will all end , but can we still be friends? Is that the way it should have been? Not that I can comprehend, anything that you say? Some would say its just a very bad day and into ones life a little rain must fall , do you understand me now? We were fighting over our two sired children they got right in the middle of it and tried to take them from us. There's been someone following me, trying to assume my fiances identity. Grand larceny! And murder! Don't fuck with me . They only trying to steal my life no big deal I should fight them off but they are robbing others too. I am in the middle of thier occult madness ring thier trying to kill us not help us .
Mr jones they are trying to kill us we have no time to waste. 
"The apple rots from within" code red.
I will always love you always!
They sold them. They sold them! 
Nolo contender nole prosequi 
And we're forced into this silence . Don't think we will listen to anything you say we have had our fill of your politics.

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