The yuks after a bout with antibiotics

try something for yeast infection after a series of antibiotic yeast candida grows it may be affecting the liver fluconazole  miconozole  diflucan  a natural antibiotic was made recently called neo Pleonot  made out of oranges instead of its usual source . Can buy it without a script. Also nonoxinol 9 is safe effective against HIV  is found in Vcf contraceptive foam, also kills sperm cells. And is 99% effective with a condom. 
I learn little in psyche 
Tea tree oil is effective but slow in its process, for nail fungus. Same as candida!

However candida is a well known fungus some are different types and may need a doctors script.

The kind that grows in the hair for instance.
Which is aNother  subject.
Take care!


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