VIDEO MADE by Tannie, in the 2000's A.D. "Hello, Butterflies, New Beginnings".

1.These videos were created by me for entertainment purposes and I have written and played  guitar in butterflies, it is one of my first melodies. 
2.In the video hello, it was a video letter to a dear friend of mine i havent seen in a very long time and i am quite upset, deeply feeling the song by evanescence, it was created a long time ago. Alot has changed since then even me. I am older now.
3.The third one Is called New beginnings! It featured Christina Aquilera and some tragedies during the time that I made the video.

SAY, do you still think its a difficult world that we live in?
Do you believe that  life is simple?
When reality syncs in?
You'll know the adequate answers?
Talking can be interpretative,
If you haven't got words that would be self explanatory,
Just whistle If your happy now!
Give it a little sweetness...
We can all appreciate that, wouldn't you agree?

listening to Peter Cetera, loved his music and Chicago ! 
Believe me I am smoking ...A BIG fatty for you!



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