This and that

We call the hand and on the other hand...,
You told me my mother was deceased but she was alive,
The you said my father was alive, but he was deceased ,
The you threw the holy bible on the table and said I should read it ....
But genesis 2;6 said the tree of knowledge we should not eat the fruit thereof.... So I shut it.
Then you said I am dead through Christ? But that I myself no longer lives but Christ through me? Well hell how come I can't seem to live my own Life? Is it because we can't wear our own underwear?
Then when I lost my mind....
Well  you said I was trying to kill myself. And I was not! Lol
Then I asked Is that what you want ? Also compelled to pull the trigger...
You told me you was trying to kill yourself! And I happen to be yourself! Uh oh ?
Is there any other way? 
We looked for  thousands of ways to die,
Then we looked for the best way to die,
Then we saw Nobel ways to die ...
Then the worst way ,
Then we met the Gestapo mafia and the syndicate , and big black woman with orange hair and yellow contact lenses,
Experts on death, I thought too much oh shit...I got scared and ran away. Oh shit! I shouldn't have done that! I hit her in the head! 

They got into a little fight with me!
And I kicked their ass ! Told them no! Now you say no or else!

Don't kill yourself ! Let me do it for you!
Well well well what do we have here? Dad is digging in the closet..... Better be-careful! 

I've been astro traveling spying on you !
I'm sorry daddy,
We figured it out! Very few things between life and death. If you leave you must come back to tell your story.


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