We mourn today

In your part of the world seems quiet and calm sedated but in other parts the world the horror is magnified, place Le jeune n. Carolina. This sobbing and crying of our departed loved ones . And the devastation that shook the  marine base .
TCE and PCE.
The effects are still crippling even to this day, Crying out warnings of cancer deformities and mutations. Beginning as early as 1957. Families took off from North Carolina in 1960 in hopes that it would not deform  cripple or kill them. Have managed to survive what was then the most devastating things in our history. as we lay to rest our departed we are gently reminded of this nightmare, And why we could not be returned to our homeland. We take this moment of silence, To bring you this information. Rest in peace. Our condolences to the Roberts, and the Curries.


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