Sunday, September 15, 2013

Women beware! New concepts new laws!

Disambiguation  book Jewish mythology.
Dybbuk He correlates a piggyback ride, 

Women beware there is a new women's law or Bill going to going to affect, With a woman's health care in mind. 

Even though a woman maybe be able to conceive and bear a child at the age of 14 and a woman of matuhrity can give birth to dybbuk or Disambiguated piggyback rider. Laws are meant to protect women from things that are unknown or amidst there unawares.

Here's my proposal;

 The legal conceptual age of a woman With child should be 27 years of age and with this law comes stiff consequences for breach of contract. To both parties involved man or woman who conceived a child. That is under the age of 27, That all women must take some form of birth control depending on their trust level and their willingness to comply, With the new laws. 
These laws of been in effect for some time abroad and Amsterdam Holland red light district and bluelight district. All women who are prostitutes must have an annual physical and continuously be checked for gonorrhea syphilis and other venereal diseases before they can assume their prostitution careers. In other words they are two remaining constant check with their physicians. But here in the United States of America we have no such laws That I as the United States civilian are aware of, Although we do have We do have laws that state that we if we contract a communicable diseases that we are supposed to be reported to a certain place health department that certain place health department is to dole out the appropriate measures. So there will be no spreading of the diseases such as hepatitis AIDS syphilis gonorrhea, And other sexually-transmitted diseases. But to my knowledge I do not know of this law where a woman in a man have to be 27 years old before they can bring forth the child and not have birthright of America to child welfare department and the government intervening and intervention. These are rules and regulations that were not passed down to the younger generation and made in there unawares these laws did not exist to their knowledge. So I came to no surprise how stricken the Families were When the families and their children came up missing and nobody knew where they were, Or how the welfare department became involved and the parents were stiffly punished and in a corporal way. And made to pay attention to this issue, Because it was said that only certain minority groups and immigrants were treated this way. But that is untrue because there are several white families involved in it as well or Native American halfbreed so called Caucasian. And there were Caucasian people but they were not Americans they were immigrants and  minority groups from eastern companies or foreign lands.
There really is no way to address this issue being of its sensitive nature.
And while we bear this in mind we might also look at the many millions of children that were killed in foreign countries such as Germany and recollect that as being the wrong way to be. Still there are things we can learn from this. 
And we as a people of the United States of America must address is ever so intricately, With as much detail as possible. In order for us to bring about that change and to expose those who are working below or beneath the law such as child pornography rings and trading children , Human trafficking& 
In vitro fertilization and the DNA sell probes  sperm banks and donor organs, Rape incest and infidelities with minor children For while we must adhere to the stringent laws And orders. Of abstinence abstaining And using court correct moral standards.
Moral parenting and the right to protection of your children, .

The consequences are abortion mental psychiatric evaluations incarceration in mental psychiatric hospitals detainment in a mental hospital , drugs , brain surgeries, Lifetime probation monitoring, Sterilization. 

Being segregated away from your family and children, And possible deportation back to your own country. And worse you could get the electric chair the gas chamber lethal injection death by hanging. 

All those opposed say nay all those for this new bill say yeah!


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