Grave yards that have not been unearthed made by mass murderers

You know sometimes blacks think white people are in liberated  they also think that all whites are together on everything and would even allow white people to commit crimes even heinous crimes without conviction or judgement , they may even think the common denomination of religion  establishment to further thier own needs. Even harbor a criminal  make people come together as in black and white . That blacks might even abuse a religion or offer immunity to whites as a way to manipulate financial gain. Even Enter into psychological warfare , make promises that they don't intend to keep. Blacks have vendettas that make them uncurable . Slow minded ness makes them premeditated accessories to the crimes that whites have committed . As They totally think threw the next move. Very calculated individuals , 
Please be aware of the graves of people buried by the mass murderer in Pasadena Texas who killed young boys and men and buried them where no one could find them they could not locate them all and the man was let go of because there was not evidence that would be sufficient since the syndicate took over Houston and surrounding areas. Do not watch the local news. Thirty thousand are manning computers and outsourcing texans, while many are being assisted in suicide and others are leaving state. Because of the murdering and plots to kill people . 
That what he was not aware of was that the bodies were buried on top of an under ground sewage system  . Or known as underground tunnel.
It has manholes labeled as Houston . Bit it is not Houston it is in another county or county line.  
This has been a problem for a long time. Where this county line and the state lines fused together making it possible for escape And county Mounties to track. 
That area is inhabited today and unknown. 


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