Media hotlist, on terrorism.

Crime syndicates are criminal organizations which run common illegal businesses on a larger scale. This type of business was usually held by the Italian American Mafia crime families. Although there were members of those organizations, the Gambino crime family was definitely one of the biggest organizations, dominating the territory withinNew York This article is about an association of people or groups. For other uses, see Syndicate (disambiguation).

syndicate is a self-organizing group of individuals, companies, corporations or entities formed to transact some specific business, or to promote a common interest. In most cases formed groups aim to scale up their profits. Although there are many legal syndicates formed around the world, people tend to link the term syndicate to variouscriminal activities. In the case of criminal activity, the syndicate is there to promote, and engage in, organized crime. The term is also associated with anarchist theory, specifically anarcho-syndicalism, in which it forms an alternative to both the nation state and capitalist corporations.[1]

The word syndicate comes from the Frenchword syndicat which means trade union(syndic meaning administrator), from the Latinword syndicus which in turn comes from theGreek word σύνδικος (syndikos) which meanscaretaker of an issue, compare toombudsman or representative.

Comment;  One of the largest newspaper articles in the world and usually the media type that all common folk are supposed to avoid and not even listen to. 

That the standard television that we see today is by syndicate and this syndicate did not come from the Gambino family it came from the Jonestown Surinami Mexico. 
Which may be that Mr. Jim Jones was a member of the syndicate. It started  in Mexico with their tower that they use to project the sermons within the area of the Jonestown camp or Sir Nami Mexico. 

But in fact in 1982 that Miss Princess Diana of Wales was a syndicate of the mafia perhaps related to Surinami is well. 

And that and because of that may have been the reason why she die if she had in fact died at all. 

There are several geographical locations that they continue to perform these experimental test. 
States like California and Texas and New Mexico. Similar to hg wells alien invasion. 

From these test and experimental drug use abuse you came up with the martyr Charlie Manson and Jim Jones. 

No one could have save their lives. 

But as it seems to be Charlie Manson is still alive. 

Perhaps even some of his Acute leaders and followers that were taught by Charlie Manson and Jim Jones are still alive perhaps even escape justice and went on to continue a normal life. 

While others were framed for their criminal mischief. 
Some as state evidence remained within USA to answer to any infamous lines of questioning. 
Others were not mentioned at all. Most were presumed deceased
And it is possible that that criminal mischief even included O.J. Simpson Michael Jackson dr. Bill Murray dr. Kevorkian and another doctor that was on the media hotlist was a Poland Dr. Polish doctor who was inventing a cure for cancer. Another hotlist included religious beliefs such as the occult that believes in handling snakes. I do not know much about David Karesh but that was seem like it was a target to release anger. Also German physicists and genetic engineers . Still cultivating there perfect human race. 


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