Please stop harassing the tenants

Some people don't know the meaning of the word take it easy they don't know anything about Mercy or anything but I am not going to stand around looking stupid people yelling at each other. Dragging residents into thier problems.
Chasing people around the fucking yard because they don't want him to stand in the same circle they want you to stand 25 feet away from them. 
That way if you get shot a stray bullet won't hit them. 
They're spoiled rotten and they're not VIPs. Not my family if they treat me like shit I ignore but a lot of times you can't its not normal to keep yelling at you that's within damn New Yorkers are doing down here fucking Causing problems for the senior citizens, and the disabled. 
The management at like they don't even care. That Interfaith he says they want to be treated with respect and they want everyone to treat them with respect that they don't treat nobody else with equal respect or right like Interfaith doesn't treat everybody the same way that only treat the senior citizens not the young disabled people.
I'm gonna have to report it to to the company but I'm not gonna reported to the company I'm gonna report it to people who who handle cases such as this. 


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