Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Your not understanding me

Why doesn't anybody ever treat anybody right, now I completely understand why women in the past became homebodies, 
It was an acceptable situation. Why money seem to be appreciative but when women had money it wasn't worth two Pennies rubbing together. What people don't tell you today can't hurt you , you can be totally discriminated against and not even know. In the Bible that the Bible says that it's a sort of blindness but yet you still have site but if the blindness of spiritual blindness that people don't know they have. God says that this type of blindness is most commonly found in Saints and people who are innocent. 
And you can't even take chances on a situation like that. I really truly believe that is why some people walk out try to get in their car and get ran over by a bus. 
That is why fate can be mastered money can be measured That is why destiny can be fulfilled And that is why some people say that the end is near or can predict such a thing. 
In 2013 we all must realize and admit to ourselves that mankind has passed over the threshold realms of understand. Where  the senselessness is [1]
understanding and were somethings have no sense, and others make no sense . and our values have been depreciated. Some people call it being mentally "geared stripped." Sometimes iMessage you'll hear burn outs minds , and people who fade away. Somes mentality  are referred to as "jellied". 
Sometimes I truly believe and other times I don't.
The mind in itself though has become invaluable.
Now mans understanding has a self destruct mode that will eventually turn against itself in  a way of self defence.
He will annialate anything in its wake or in its path.
I don't know anything about this except to say the mind is a terrible thing. Listen to nothing it says.and never answer it with a question. 
One day as hideous as it may sound mankind will ascertain the human Brain and will suspend it outside the body and even correlate with it . 

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