As it rolls out I am checking in!!!

Here is an interesting delema involving real estate an property value . Only territorial aspect prove enough motive to kill or Maine it's  the victims . 
Proving it would not be hard to if it had not been such a malicious threat to every one. In the interest of Steve head resident and tenant of a well known project. Mr Steve head was very ill but he was a known aquaintenance and if he had indeed had a debilitating illness referencing syphillus below would have been cause or demeaneal death and the leashing out of the desease by issue and way of blood. Besides death being depreciating valuable real estate it also created a feed and possible source for more genocide with in Texas boundaries . 

No one took any particular interest in this suicide by cop incident. 

So now we have an insane maintenance man trying to sue the government.

No one want to work for the company because of its upheaval of crime death and hideout for evil people, thier inability to assume thier own debts. Thier constant stealing of hospitality . 

Similar to playing a game or song melancholy baby!!! I hurt therefore you fix my whatever I want!!!

Slavery was abolished but why are the South Americans paying the price for this misfortune???

More later???


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