Grand finally!!!! 2013 cinco centavos!! .05 cents

I don't know if anyone had noticed but there is a commemorative copy of the newspaper on nov 23 rd of the assasination of JFK being wore zebra sold for five dollars at the time wise on many pines and woodlands parkway. 
I have so much respect for mr Obama I am scared of what he represent. If things go well we can be happy , we regret loosing our presidents and he is alway welcome in Texas .
You know I have zero'ed in on a lot of people, we taken down some of the most notorious. 
Texas is not lawless! Let's take thoughts figures down to one percent. 
God loves me !! Your in big trouble if go home.
Stay my friends it's gonna be a grand finally!!!!
I am sure there will be super duper relief when he gets off that podium!!!


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