It never last very long piss and vinegar seven years and alternatives seemed to start surfacing!!!

My karate teacher said, I'll teach you!!
And the first lesson is to not be so responsive when people try to intimidate you, avoid a fight when and where ever you can. 
I was just a kid , btw he was supposedly a master of this art and I was scared so I borrowed his reputation and lied a little ...
I already had the reputation of being very hotheaded . As in red hair ??? 

Omg !! I was taught to work numb chucks, and then I was put into a facility.

I am nothing but a nut?? They said. 
He said, you know? That reputation of yours might get you everywhere in life!!

But soon enough your going to have to face the truth !!

And get a life!!!!

Omg dude I didn't know that about you, 
No wonder they shot that guy??

You disrespected both your parents after you got yellow belt in taekwondo ? Couldn't you control yourself? 

Is that a bunch of shit??

Well ? Now what?


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