Mr what would you do if all this was yours??

The problem whether they like it or not is clear and precise, you cannot even talk about the without the writting of a common comment, usually about prediduces .i took it as a warning sign of big red flashing lights . Talking about minority races. 
First of all when posed with this problem they have some togetherness that makes them all equal. Equal as in accomplished as in accessories to the problem. No one is ever clear on loyalty to the problem. Some may be more like hiding thier genuine devotion and display this when it comes to participation which is mistaken for indifference. That is a clear indication of immaturity, on the subject, or in the physical condition of its militia.which exposed them in that weakness and Who by the way has learned to strike back at the oppressors with likeness and fear. That it is a throne of his bequeaved ancestors. Which is an excuse to continue whatever quest his needs require. 
Now this weakness has become a pedestal of which he prediduces findings and his tools of which he manipulates his pupils. 
These finding and people have been preselected that have little or no regards to territorial disputes or racial disputes . 
Since truth and sincerity go hand in hand
He's more or less washed out .
His manipulation are superseded with imposing Buses himself onto others, but since he has no abused he needs skill.
Skill to migrate into territory that does not belong to him. 
Therefore the opposing moved to take his bar and his church for ground and territorial benefits.
We call it a package deal.
Because these who your dispute is with has much more prominence that you or I
And that nothing comes free unless we all pay and we do all pay! 
I've met up with some very nasty business men and I am old enough to know that this transaction is a special package because it's like selling to you something ordinarily price less.
But it doesn't break its deal.
Offered but it's unlawful and thirdly so is prostitution.
The moral of the story is either way you had the whole world given to you , squandered and lost your frothy crown, everyone does not value it's illegal tender.when you loose value and the right to buy and at discount prices , you become useless to the company.
Point is that's what happens to the best of us and to the rest of us we loose position in life. Your ill temper finished the war but you lost the fight.
So now your throne is sitting behind a 8 foot cyclone fence topped with razored barbed wire.
I have never heard a man cry so hard in all my life!!!
When the nurse walked in and handed him his brand new baby boy.


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