New fresh ideas by the wind

These are the causes I might support ,
Children born in disaster and crisis, to healthy parents education development on specialty subjects supporting the local Texas government. Crisis protection units, and slow learning programs. 

Children  abandoned in Texas, protection and intergration, forever home program.

Reintegration of migrating families to foriene countries, health care general welfare.

Territorial subsidies for long standing citizens of Texas, elders, and their families with confederate homes.

Wards of the court protection and witness program.

Disabled children of USA veteran policies, health care ,&  general welfare.

Protection unit for qualifying organ donors of USA prison policies, and death warrent provisions  , amnesty rehabilitation freedom act.

Mentally handicapped constraint policy, lifetime probation for information act and money exchange. 

Commerce building , trade embargo, and foriene currency exchange.

Loading dock on ship channel for import export. Supporting  commerce building. 

Sergeant of arms building for relinquishment and storage of arms during peace time.

I want to see three leaders behind presidents consisting of the top three majority races, such as native Indian blacks and oriental.

Basic rough drafting of idealogy of USA .
By the wind. 2013


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