Please thank god for everything come to Texas lets hunker down

Nope you cannot live here incognito bandito uh uh.......hide shit no more. 
Come out my friend come out!!!! Our numbers are low . 

Come on we have not hurt you !!! We hope even in the face of adversary you will remember the mercy we shew upon you today, and take it into consideration when it's your turn to pass judgement.

It will not be an eye for an eye no more if we can we will keep our treaty but we may not be able to afford the feat of fines. 
How do we stand in favor of you?? 
Shall we break out our flint rifles and bayonette's in rememberance or shall 
Pimp this turkey before The Lord  , and enter into peace? 
I thank god for a sane mind in these troubling times

More than a quarter century after 7-month-old Christopher Abeyta went missing from his Colorado Springs home, family, friends and supporters braved below-freezing temperatures Sunday to ask the district attorney's office to convene a grand jury investigation about the disappearance.

With his 28th birthday approaching on Thanksgiving day, Christopher Abeyta's family felt the time was right to pressure District Attorney Dan May into moving forward with their son's case.

Bernice and Gil Abeyta, Christopher Abeyta's parents, and his sister Denise Alves, led the half-mile walk from the Police Operations Center in South Nevada Avenue to the District Attorney's Office in Vermijo Avenue, followed by people holding signs reading, "Justice for Christopher!" and "what if this was your child?"

"There are family, strangers, friends of friends, there are faces I don't know, which is awesome, because it's great to have that support," Alves said. "Christopher will be 28 on Thanksgiving day, so it was appropriate for us to do this for him this week. Christopher needs peace."

The district attorney's office could not be reached Sunday for comment.

When Christopher Abeyta went missing from his Cheyenne Hills home in southwestern Colorado Springs on July 15, 1986, every family member was investigated by detectives, which is standard practice. Eventually, Gil Abeyta said, police considered other suspects and leads, but an arrest was never made.

"It should've never gone this far. Bernice is optimistic and wants to believe that Christopher is alive, but I look at this case constantly, all the time. We've always had one main suspect, and I believe that because of this, a grand jury needs to convene as soon as possible," Gil Abeyta said.

The Abeytas have circulated an online petition asking the district attorney's office to convene a grand jury investigation, gathering 2,338 signatures. National attention to her missing brother's case and the evidence collected over the past 27 years, Alves said, should be enough to help bring this matter to a resolution.

"It's been too long," Alves said. "The community in Colorado Springs experienced that crime; anyone who's been around for 27 years remembers it. There's no reason not to have a grand jury convene at this point."

Bernice Abeyta still holds out hope that she will be reunited with her seventh and youngest child, a baby she remembers as always happy. His mother said never giving up has gotten the family through every painful moment.

"You look at all the children that are found after so many years," Bernice Abeyta said. "Their families never gave up on them, and they worked with organizations and agencies, then they were found."

According to police records, Christopher Abeyta was abducted from his crib between 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. that day, without anyone in the home hearing or seeing anything suspicious.

"It's become a part of our life, we've never given up, and we've always been hopeful that Christopher is alive," Alves said. "Unfortunately, so many years have gone by that hope has diminished that we haven't found him, and he may not even be here anymore. We want those answers, that's all we want. We want the truth, and we want justice."


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