The sum of it all!!

You know a man and his word especially a Texan of the USA is something that irreproachable and has always been taken as the words of truth. A man of Texas destitute and in such extreme pressure would bend his word to accommodate for arbitration that were more than difficult to arbitrate such as a gun being held to thier heads or robbery. This can be forgiven and overlooked. 

Women on  The other hand can be too forgiven and love too much asn such as her father.

This law extended itself to a foriene policy that went far into the depth of Mexico. 

This trade embargo was stopped because of the nature of this trade and because it was of illegal tender .and rightly so. But no one of that country adhered to the frailty on which the trade was made. It illegAl tender was admired and honored even so and part of that agreement wAs honored regardless . The potion to which was not honored was where it breeched the laws of Texas and where the war on drugs broke out.
We as texans did not honor a war on drugs because we were still trying to get our people free from being political prisoners in the camps and jails in Mexico . We the people did not ignore but the state of Texas may have out of ignorance of the problem at hand.
The people Ido not ignore the state of Texas , no rather found an army rising up against us. Stemming from other states as well. 
To this day is equilvelent to 729 horses
A set of crossing flint rifles and two bayonette's!!
But I can't count past fifty two!!!


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