Thy will be done!!

Truly there is something wrong and has been for a very long time , everyone would point fingers at a certIn group of people and did not know why?? That they had no qualms with but in an instant turned and believe in a story that was half cocked for a day in the life of a certain individuals.
Would even wage whole wars to ensure its delivery, from dream to reality and silent lucidity.
Peace is the goal one thousand years not wars but who knew that it could not exist hand in hand with so much turmoil hatred and anger. 
That happiness would loose its lasticity and break off at the quick of mankinds psyche??
Set his whole life on edge, forcing them 
Into wars and drafted into anger even all the more.
Capitalizing on self inflicted wounds were all a part of it all.
Not because it was pleasure able but because human frailty would win the wars against the enemy, god said when the flesh is weak god is strong, 
Even lucifer knows this for when lucifer struck job down he knew his perversion would capitalize other aspects of his evil realm. 
The evilness of this cannot be overlooked,
Man must face his eternal torture and either endure it or go with it.
But never more will you at such horrors and say there is no god!!!
For if the world has created such atrocities and monsters then certainly there would be another side of the coin.
Definitely several coins would look like a monster if it were a cow, 
I tell you that we we're hit by this atrocious monster and we sustained the blow.
Now we may appear to have three eyes and two heads but this is the sin and we must learn not to kill even if we have to endure the pain of seeing and knowing. 
Revelations spoke on it about this being as a double vision of man.
God multiied all his flock but something has gone wrong. We had to believe it and had to see it for ourselves as doubting thomases that we are. 
Isn't that indicate a new dawn a new day in the begining of mankind.
Or is just another waste of previous resources .


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