To Mr Awess

I know you may be Angry with me, but we're not fighting and that is very good. We have not contested! 
Simply finding peace is an accomplishment. 
Let's see it through. Resolution. "Stay"of execution if ms . Wournos will continue to manage her anger issue without strike, or weapons verbal bashing, or thrashing.
Bad Reputation has a means of making people leave you alone . 
However ; as we all know some people never learn at times it's not at their own fault but because of disability. Then you have the ones that take no instruction at all, pretty much runs over everyone. What's the occasion?
Have you found the motive?
When there is so much motive and wrong doing its hard to overlook. Here's the kicker, fight or flight syndrome. Obsessive compulsions, ordinary daily habits, we overlooked it completely . Doesn't mean it's not there anymore. Like the flu, whooping cough were vaccinated so we think its dead.(because you never got the disease) Then we stop vaccinating our children and find out that whooping is still there. When it outbreaks ( will you be one who takes it for granted). When will it ever end ? Same with drug dealers, laying low out of minds eye even though they are very strategic, and still. You can see them moving about , and you know this is "for real,". 
So please mr Awess if you are gonna kill me will you at least give me the chance to get away and a head start , cause I know that would be something a person like yourself would never want to do is kill someone like me! To even think it is preposterous .(some may use this (disability) as a means to continue to do bad things, I know! But I am not one with those) 
P.s. When I decided that I did not want to harm anyone and that there was not sufficient enough wild dangerous animals to warrent the issuance of a license or gun permit, that's when the game ended, and I was totally liberated by the thought of it all. I found pleasure in my success and was please that this has not happened (weapons or harming another individual) in my lifetime.
thank you god! Holy bible Ten Commandments .god is still working on me convincing me where I am complete, I will tell you exactly how I was saved  , See I am not suicidal, or homicidal, If CPS won't allow children to be abused why would they abuse a disabled woman? Better yet people like Rodney king,of Cali.

Its a Matter of fact that some type of application of the same principal , is used but I'm not sure why they seem to be invincible on this subject. They claimed root but we are not rooted together , So it's made exclusion to the rules? Not everyone gets mutual respect, the true honor is very far away from me I give all my glory to god!

Put god first in your life! All things work together for the common good if you'll do this!
Resident of Mo. Co. since 1989
Original Texan 
Strake Lake, 


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