A secret about nice

People who have good control over their tempers and follows the laws are rewarded with nice laughter.

We all have a tendency to think that we are perfect little angels but when your tempted like Jesus was up in the mountains,  knowing him as the son of man and knowing how he detested evil and lucifer I aginevit was very difficult for him to hold back from throwing himself over a cliff of maybe lashing out at lucifer who seemingly was almost brother like because of gods fondness for the arche angel, 
That fasting was a way to make himself weak  and people always have a tendency to perceive it as a feat not know by man kind himself. 
That whiles of the flesh are extremely hard to control from within, it was for Jesus and it is so for man too.
So we all know the feeling anger we feel it more deeply than anyone who has not felt it can envision. Such as "why" have you done this to me? "Why" did you do this to the ones I love??

Well I have to look at what has been done and it cannot be over ran by timid ness and fear or vengeance and when we have overcome something so hard to accept  we look back and know .. That it was superhumane and compassionate that held us together and made everything work out all right for everyone because you were strong enough . 

To lay down the pistol you intended to kill a man with because he slain someone that you loved. How you hated that thought as much as you hated the thought of loosing someone you loved very deeply. 
But it was here within the coin of the soul every reason why not ??
Judging the same person that you loved
With as much thought and compassion 
Encoupled your vengeance and made you ruthless.
If your half the man you think you. Are you will come to a decision with careful thought and you will weep and you will cry and you will be very very sorry for those of you love and though who martydomed you. 
Think of your teachers your examples in life think upon Jesus . 
The reason for kneeling in prayer to humble yourself upon these thoughts, and when you rise you rose out of the eternal depths that bound you and kept you prisoner for so long.
Yes there is a perfect one who lives inside who speaks to your heart. In flesh we are all here and not one of us has been maimed. It's a perfect record and you intend to keep it!!

There is also one who calls us in the opposite direction one that says kill yourself out of misery rectify these problems yourself and if it did not hurt anyone that would be ok to listen and be safe and let it be as an informant or a the dreams of Solomon with an interpretation.

 It's all right there in the bible. 

While we are going through all this
Something is happening deep inside of you!!

This is why I say there is a secret about nice, everytime that coin Starts flipping heads you win and tails you loose much value has Been place on your decisions, the pay for being nice still is worth more than being mean. We value it highly.

So does your soul. 

The coin is a very very valuable coin that is my secret and my treasures. 

And the meek shall inherit the earth !

Warriors in Christ first lesson!!

The wind 2013 dec 2


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