H1n1 too many are dying health official AMA get stuck

A Houston teenager has died of the H1N1 flu virus. Health officials aren't divulging much in the way of details but they are sounding the alarm. 

"Well people should be concerned  because influenza is a preventable illness. It's a miserable illness. Most people will do just fine and recover in a bout a week but some people  could go on and develop a very serious illness," said Kathy Barton with the City of Houston's Department of Health and Human Services.  Or as in this sad case, die. 

As a matter of fact thirty thousand people will die of influenza in this country this year and the strain that is showing up the most in labs this year is the H1N1. 

Houston now has its first death.  Harris County has had three deaths. Montgomery County has four suspected  and Jefferson County has had two cases but no deaths. 

The flu season has been bad this year and especially bad in Texas.

According to the Centers for  Disease Control it is widespread. But it has tapered off over the Christmas vacation.  

Officials expect to see more cases as kids head back to school so here's some advice. Get  flu shot.  Practice good social hygiene. Maintain good space between you and other people.  Cover your cough or sneeze. Wash your hands.  Don't touch your face and if sick stay home. 

Health officials really hammer home point number one. 

"The H1N1 is covered in this year's vaccine formulation and it's important for kids to get their shot's because children are infections for two to three days before they start showing symptoms," said Barton. And the H1N1 is most prevalent in kids.
From the Houston post:
These are
 good guidines to follow for every illness or disease , don't forget if it gets too bad go into the ER emergency room.

Houston hospital district main hospital . 

If you care about your favorite establishment you will call the atthorities for them to get health regulations checked out.

Report sick patients to local atthorities as  doing harm to oneself or others, to help them along and keep yourself clean. 


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