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Ben Taub (1889–1982), philanthropist and medical benefactor, fourth child of Jacob Nathan Taub, was born in 1889 in Houston(TexasUSA). He was Jewish. [1]

His father immigrated from Hungary to the United States in 1882 and became a tobacco wholesaler. Taub grew up in Houston, where he attended Welch Preparatory School. During World War I, he was a captain and served in France. He returned to Texas and expanded the family business, later becoming a real estate developer. At one time he served on the boards of directors of twenty-three institutions, including an investment firm, two banks, an insurance company, and four universities.

In 1936, Ben Taub donated thirty-five acres to establish a permanent campus for theUniversity of Houston. In 1943, he was instrumental in encouraging Baylor College of Medicine to move to the Texas Medical Center in Houston. As chairman of the board of Jefferson Davis Hospital, he and Michael E. DeBakey made Jefferson Davis Hospital a teaching facility for Baylor College of Medicine, a relationship that continued after the creation of the Harris County Hospital District.

Taub never married and spent his time visiting patients in the county hospital. For years he helped run the DePelchin Faith Home for homeless children. He worked with thePauline Sterne Wolf Foundation. He also worked with Charlie Massey, Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 1, on charitable endeavors. During the Great Depression, he had a chauffeur driven automobile, reportedly a Pierce-Arrow. He was a director of the Texas Medical Center, headed the United Way, gave out scholarships, and sponsored visiting medical professors. He served as chairman of the Jefferson Davis Hospital from 1935 to 1964. When Houston's new charity hospital opened in 1963 the hospital board, in recognition of his service, named it Ben Taub General Hospital. It became renowned as one of the nation's leading major trauma centers. Ben Taub died at age ninety-two on September 9, 1982. Baylor College of Medicine opened the Ben Taub Research Center in 1986. In 1990, the Harris County Hospital District opened the new, six-story, 500+ bed Ben Taub General Hospital.

( in the same year two months after taubs death
Missy gave birth to a healthy baby boy cesarian section at Jefferson Davis hospital, where she was born in 1964 ) 

In 1982 the hospital wS still functioning in an operatic way , though it resembled something like a jail cell, there wasn't much on hospitAlity
But I felt very good about leaving it for home. 


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