Lawsuit picketing New York bla Za effects

Take no less than 11.25 an hour 

You're take home will be roughly
15,448.00 after taxes and FICA 

Insurance Medicare blue cross blue shield. 

If there is any left by the time you retire.

Company insurance policies are rare considered fringe benefits but employers pay workmanship compensation regardless . 

The demand on franchises is going through the roof. 
Mc Donald's the number one problem !

Go back home to the slaughter house if you really want to make a difference
If your just making trouble it will go unappreciated I am sure.

Housing projects should consider selling individually to caring responsible people . 
Minimize HUD expenditures and frivolous spending. 
Match dollar for dollar and bow out gracefully!!
Overall levelized rent appropriations no one turned away because of poverty in Colorado during winter months but may be sought after for any property damages, or because of non-seeking appropriations for responsibilities to oneself and breech of the law to due compensation for goods and services.

Defined in writting and legal rental contract. 
No one can talk because the fifth amendments violations event  there are no attorney present.erag

Listed on vagrancy rights and Miranda law. 

Sufferage movement has begun again, the world is fearing a Great Depression and take over by evil 
Incarnates .

How many people are going without ...

This raises the stakes and increases gambling across USA 


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