Loosing the ghost

That short stop out, 
And let's go immediately into hotbox till he comes out house.
He's nothing but skins (skinheads property) since he was one month old they don't come any younger (ain't that a pervy). Tell me they ain't cannibalistic and tired of messing around with these stupidities. It pisses him off so bad he about to receive his first lesson in "the warriors for Christ!!"
Cause he cannot win any other way!!!

You know that the obvious sign, that you give this mantheopportunity to move and he will turn and walk away from the very thing that saved his life just like jezebel, to his own detriment... If there is anything good left in mankind today let it speak to your heart.
Hallowed inside.. There is little to no meet, or meat.
What is going to curve this mans thirst for blood if you killed his sons?? ( oh I am sure you think that you can stop a man like that?? Yep!)
That's where it is at!!
Fierce enemies bla Za  might as well take your mind out and play with it like you usually do,
I know you !! I know you better than I know myself. I know that no one can be colder than let's say a woman who lost everything twice except her life. 
I would not drop a bucket of blood on her head wood you say like Carry??
By Stephen king!
No you wood not, because ? Your human and humans 
have compassion on one another.they don't kill one another but .01$ they wood pull out and call them animals and then shoot them. 
Hate can't be any thicker than they blood that runs through the veins of someone that was bullied like that.
Flipping coins driving him to the brink of disaster, that's what it is all about crossing archer-ion you have to have them token , you'll never make it across. You have to wager it against the damned and the dead.
It really is a hard decision to make all ya gotta do is 
Just pay that troll. But you didn't pay the troll no you didn't just like usual. Now all you got left is a jack not even a one eyed jack. It's pretty unlucky to drink the deers blood. You loose all sense of reality. But if you were thirsty enough you might.

Btw by this time Elvis has left the building or so maybe you thought who knows??
Wow with all that hype you might even think Kennedy is still alive . 
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