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My friends Christmas was wonderful I'll chew on it the rest of my days!!

When I was in Kansas as you know sound waves are circular with a catalysts such as steam propels sound as well heat , so gas makes sound echo, but I was working on a jalopy tailor and I had made two wooden crosses put n the windows I could almost see how it broke sound waves , now look at the Celtic cross. The gods eye hanging on our tree. Imagine hearing that sound of someone preaching broken into tiny particular , now that's the sound of the millennium. Remember the Indian movies where they would pat the mouth while making a sound breaking sound. Is breaking silence.
Jesus was hung on the cross with his back on the cross? How do we know this? How do we know anything? Unless we see it with our own eyes ? That story happens every year over and over. Are we as guilty as they were? Just by knowing this??
That's why faith is dead without works.
That is my motivation. Many men have went to hell on good intentions , idle hands are the devils play-toy.
I cannot wait to read the Kabbala , on apocrypha , haves lots to do!
I know there is a god in heAven our carnal minds cannot perceive his wonder and his greatness. He has brought me out of snags of the depth of ~ too intense to even talk about.  Remember how that phone would ring only kids could hear it ? Children hearing ? Well this make even adults vulnerable as to candy to babies, not a crash course and it consumes everything . What I sacred to god I never count not even on taxes, there will be time when we will be grateful we harkened unto gods word. And took no thought or worry as to how we will survive. 

Doing the best that we can with every dollar. 
We never let the widow go hungry. She gets what she needs and she has lots of friends here. Isn't wonderful? And they are happiest without the contingency of death
We keep it under our hats. 

And it is pretty fern kewl that she even talks to people like me!!
Listen have you not heard about the wind? And how man has learned to write upon it??
That is how I got my name. A murderer in state pen, pen pal wrote to me . And had wrote only once, murder does not seem so far fetched when you consider all your life you prepare for and I can see defense, senseless, cold , but he is not alone in his thought . Then one day u woke up and looked around myself and said they do not seem much different that say god forbid my own father. I could never convict him. Knowing him . This world is so unkind. Them scars so deep right down to the bones . 

We need more out of life than the average person. Just so we can keep the kindness flowing .
With an economy like it is? Virtual dreams. 
Is next to impossible. Lots of hard work. 

You have to look past the shoulder of this wickedness and be brave and courageous even to swallow the lump . Thing is my grandmother said, it is like chewing tobacco or a cow chewing the cudd you sit there and chew on it for a while like the gum that breath freshened liquid in it... Yes that gum was very kewl. Them things are not kewl at all and who would even chew a cudd like that for anyone?? Matter of fact it's better to chew while the cudd is living instead of dead. I hate my dad he played nasty tricks on me, crawfish sicken a head of crawfish I almost threw up! I got the eyeballs and everything!!
Dad and I in kema under the boardwalk!!  
He was a real card!! Listen he said knows about them fire crackers too!! In mo. Co. 

Did you set them firecrackers over here , come over with my horse next time I'll make a post and a watering hole. 
Bring some lime. These birds needs to eat!!

I can think of lots of things to do, you would sware by the end of the day, and hate me for chastening you to this mundane world, if we cod only visualize the blessing god has in store us. You might think its a con game, and yes I am very good at playing the game myself I was taught by the best . 
I'm sure I have suffered behind my teachers and yes the student can be better than his teacher. 
I'm am waiting for you!! To accept the gift of the spirit, there are many gifts  this year!! Some got necklaces some got key chains, some got teddy bears, some got speakers, and headlights, some got their freedom.
God bless Texas and all their beautiful saints and spirits, and god bless the Holy Ghost!!
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