Friday, December 06, 2013

Nasty little rumors in town!!!

It was a complaint made by the drug dealers about the new snitch in town, her mother told her no matter what always leave something behind at a scene of a crime so the police know that you were there, and can find you so she was down to her last article of clothing after a game of strip poker and being dosed with meth involuntarily so she politely excused herself and went to the restroom and left one turd in the toilet, the dealer said how crude is that ?? I should not have trusted her wouldn't ya know it??
The police were like the princess and the pea. ?? And fido hit on it like a bit-- in heat,
It was sufficient then and it's still sufficient enough to this day!
 No sh-- !!
"Her defence was I thought I had ran across Charlie Manson himself and was trying to play it kewl , I had no idea that this was the last time I would ever see my mother alive , and  she said she thought she was gonna die right there on the spot." 
The world as it was was not anything that she thought it would be," the thought of dieing scared her to death, and the thought of her mother dead was enough to make her poop her pants."
She was only seventeen.
Fido is French for frank! 

That person and her family definitely want to hear the court proceedings and verdict. 

The meth was like taking an ex lax that happened all at once !!

Tuff love is not love enough, for a hopeless romantic.
Resident of Mo. Co. since 1989
Original Texan 
Strake Lake, 

Ps laxative and relax has nothing to do with methamphetamine although if you take that and your looking for a good way to clean it out of your system you might think laxative would help but it does not except it also is a stimulant much like coffee some say and might be  being like a diet aid pill don't get started.

Even if you think of it as a preferred high
Taking laxatives and coffee is like drinking with pain pills. It could kill you for sure!!
One more thing don't pop a downer to bring ya down after a three day meth binge ... Steer clear !! 
That's when you need to go in to the emergency room ASAP pronto !!! 
Till a few years ago? There was nothing much for addiction of this kind, nothing but "a" typical anti psychotics, count your blessings !!

Now it hospitals can help you with less pain!
Don't get caught up in this vicious cycle you will suffer greatly.

Also if you think that Ritalin is for this junkie in mind it is not it is for another illness entirely different.
Going up and down in this vicious way in any moderation will wear your heart out and liver fast,
Alcohol is not the solution either, creates a deadly corrosion internally. 
Hospitals are doing the best they can needs infotainment for phamecuetical companies so they can make safe effective treatments to curve this and stop the wars on drugs such as medicinal marijuana, 
Majorly attacked by the mainstreams if more illicit drugs and addicts because it's a remedy and a non antagonistic approach without AMA 's notice or awareness which means less of snitching and more of help . 
The marijuana as you might have noticed over a period of time has retailed out more than 1000% over fair market value you cannot afford it anymore.
Don't die and don't die alone as jane doe would say if she could speak for herself today.

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