On Iran:

Obama is urging Congress to resist new sanctions against Iran because current agreements have a good chance to rein in that country's nuclear ambitions.

Obama told reporters Friday that Iran has agreed to actions that will let other nations determine whether it is trying to weaponize nuclear materials. Iran says the materials are for peaceful uses only.

The president said he would support tougher sanctions later if Iran violates the agreement.

He said it's politically popular for some lawmakers to look tough against Iran. Obama urged Congress to hold off and give current diplomacy a chance to work.

Israel says the current agreements are too lenient with Iran.

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Personally I have a tendency to agree with Israel . 


This portion below is a copy of an arrival found on Texas state historical society. 

I copied it because of coincidences  with my life currently. 

Being sc and the name Sumter. 

Taylor Brothers
Brothers Emzy and G.M. Taylor, C.S.A.Lawrence T. Jones III Texas Photographs,DeGolyer Library, Central University Libraries,Southern Methodist University

At 4:30 on the morning of April 12, 1861—one hundred and fifty years ago this spring (2011)—Confederate States of America artillery opened fire on United States troops in Fort Sumter, South Carolina, beginning the American Civil War. Texans, who had voted overwhelmingly in February 1861 to secede from the Union and then watched their state join the Confederacy in March, thus became involved in a four-year conflict that would take the lives of many and leave none untouched. Texas escaped much of the terrible destruction of the war for a simple reason—United States troops never managed to invade and occupy the state's interior. Nevertheless; Texans paid a huge price for the war, primarily in terms of lives lost and ruined in the Confederate Army and in the privations of families left at home. The only Texans who benefited significantly from the war were the state's approximately 200,000 black slaves who gained freedom at the close of the conflict in 1865.

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