Rebel and redskin

What do you think 
When you hear the word rebel??

Do you think of the south do you think of confederacy? 

It is my best guess that rebel was associated with both of the above, it did not belong to a minority race it belonged in a confer rate war between the north and the south it belonged to a region a brigade.

As Yankee would refer to boston tea party and New York or Britain . 

Blue being the color of rebel and red being the color of the Great Britain . 

Redskins refered to a derogatory reference but also to North American Indians as pale face refered to white man. It was not derogatory untill people began to discriminate oneself from another and the German world war when geneticist became so about the white race and creation of a perfection in human characteristics and did not become so prominant in the USA until the end of Vietnam war. Based in the generations of poor people of the sixties .
Who because of war and poverty was forced to intermingle and abide together.
Racial prejudices were appalled by Darwinism , and the psychological battle refered to freudianism.
Supremacy did not developed in any race  until human pride conceit and moral conviction precluded the end of that erra of time, when mankind quoted as saying," man left to himself alone is self destructive in nature,".

When thinking of world domination we can reflect on these things.

"Who do you listen to and who do you not? Where are you going? And whom with shall you go?" Tjgd

Rebel did not refer to a race it belonged to a war civil wars.


When Lamar High School take the field against Westbury, it's the Redskins versus the Rebels. The superintendent for HISD wants to bench those mascots. We caught up with some Lamar students who hate the idea.  

"We're not using it in a derogatory way. We're using it as a symbol for a powerful person. That's what we're using redskin as a symbol for," said Ryan Delcourt.

"The school's been that for a long time and why change the name right now? it makes no sense," said Uche Owor.

"I love the name redskin. It represents Lamar," said Alexis Guera.

There are some who say it represents a legacy of oppression and racism. That viewpoint has been gathering stream nationwide. 

The Washington Redskins are under pressure from Native American groups to lose their name and logo. 

Some colleges like Ole Miss have swapped Colonel Reb for a black bear.  Westbury High is majority minority and yet some students don't mind the name.

"We can't stop being the rebels because we've been the rebels for years, " said African American student Marlon Jackson. He confessed, he didn't know where the name came from.

"I say keep it the same because it's not hurting anybody. It's just a name. It don't mean nothing really," Chimed in Anthony Perry, another African American student.

The Superintendent wants both Westbury and Lamar as well as Welsh and Hamilton to come up with new names. A school board subcommittee has drafted a measure for a full vote later in the week.  Pass? fail? Too hard to tell right now.

"To be honest with you, the majority of us have not discussed it among ourselves. It hasn't come up," said board member Rhonda Skillern-Jones.

But some Alumni are resigned to a name change, they say times have changed. They will move on as long as the district plays it gracefully.

"I think if it's handles in a logical fashion, nothing's put upon them it should be fine," said Johnny Disch, Lamar class of 1965.

The board will vote on the measure Thursday.


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