Swine flu? Hog wash!! Try again!!

HOUSTON (AP) — Texas health officials have issued new guidelines for treating flu patients after the spreading illness has left at least five people dead.

The Montgomery County Public Health District in Conroe, located about 40 miles north of Houston, reported on its website that there are two confirmed swine flu cases in the county that it is currently treating. Officials are still investigating what sickened six others, including four individuals who died.


Jahi McMath's family obtained an order Friday from Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo to keep doctors at Children's Hospital Oakland from removing Jahi from a ventilator.

The family says the girl bled profusely after a routine tonsillectomy. She then went into cardiac arrest before being declared brain dead Dec. 12.

People it's tell to wake up and smell the coffee burning!! 
War with hospitals is the worst
there has ever been!
Medical malpractice is on the rise !

You cannot confidently depend in medicine
To heal you, medicine is not an exact science and so what of their hippo ratic oath that doesn't seem to exist in mental hospitals! 
Look at cropsey! 
Look at the posey and straight jackets? Look at neuroleptic a that cause cancer!

Look at the lies that pour out just so miss prissy can draw social security at the age  of 20. 

Gig is finally making the paper!! 


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