The new vegan antibiotic on the shelf without prescription

  • Pleo OKU (Okoubasan)
  • Pleo ORYZAE (Oryzae)
  • Pleo PEF (Pefrakehl)
  • Pleo PIN (Pinikehl)
  • Pleo POLY (Polysan)
  • Pleo QUENT (Quentakehl)
  • Pleo REB (Rebas)
  • Pleo REC (Recarcin)
  • Pleo RELIVORA (Relivora)
  • Pleo RUB (Ruberkehl)
  • Pleo SAN (Sanukehl)
    • Pleo SAN ACNE (Sanukehl Acne)
    • Pleo SAN BRUCEL (Sanukehl Brucel)
    • Pleo SAN CAND (Sanukehl Cand)
    • Pleo SAN COLI (Sanukehl Coli)
    • Pleo SAN KLEBS (Sanukehl Klebs)
    • Pleo SAN MYC (Sanukehl Myc)
    • Pleo SAN PROT (Sanukehl Prot)
    • Pleo SAN PSEU (Sanukehl Pseu)
    • Pleo SAN SALM (Sanukehl Salm)
    • Pleo SAN SERRA (Sanukehl Serra)
    • Pleo SAN STAPH (Sanukehl Staph)
    • Pleo SAN STREP (Sanukehl Strep)
    • Pleo SAN TRICH (Sanukehl Trich)

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The new vegan antibiotic

Look at all the various recipes and such look at the availability .

Without a prescription
Resident of Mo. Co. since 1989
Original Texan 
Strake Lake, 

  • Pleo SAN GER (Sanumgerman)
  • Pleo SANCOM (Sankombi/Sancombi)
  • Pleo SANUVIS (Sanuvis)
  • Pleo SELENE (Selenokehl)
  • Pleo SPERMUS (Leptospermusan)
  • Pleo STOLO (Penicillium Stoloniferum)
  • Pleo STROPH (Strophanthus)
  • Pleo THYM (Thymokehl)
  • Pleo USNEA (Usneabasan)
  • Pleo USTI (Ustilakehl)
  • Pleo UT (Utilin)
  • Pleo UT ‘S’ (Utilin ‘S’)
  • Pleo VER (Verrukehl)
  • Pleo ZINC (Zinkokehl)


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