The Ten Commandments

We read them we don't always practice them and we surely don't understand them, 
There is a divine purpose for them. 
All that I can speculate that they are used for is to keep good ole lucifer inline . 
When he has seen that you won't or do t obey gods commands he has had a good ole time hoping to recruit you for his purposes.

Here is the realthing about Christianity that if you don't believe that Jesus was the son of god and was holy  then you might have problems with Christmas. You might have problems with forgiveness , and you might have problems with flowing the Ten Commandments .
That is you might have a hard time following the commands and getting yourself out of trouble when you Re attacked by Diablo , the devil. 

That is a defence that you cannot live without!!
Very few people have wisdom into the unknown, you must be very victorious to stay on the beaten path of righteousness. 

Still everyday it is proven that msn traversed that area in life some are mighty warriors for Christ , 

And sadly enough, some are consistent devotees of the life that is contradictory to mans best intentions. 
Defiantly ! And persistent! 
That place is called no mans land. 

Leave up to them what is befitting them. 

Doing what god calls for you do and doing so benefits the rest of gods church  and brings order and peace . 

God bless you on this 2013 holiday.


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