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Dear friend,NOLO CONTENDRE:Iv'e done alot of soul searching, searching for te words tot alk to you about this sensitive issues surround the State Of Texas, I wish to express the problems now to you. Texas has been the corner stone of my life since the beginning of time. Texas has never failed me and help has always been within my reach.I dont know what tohers blame you for and the lies run deep, but the problems surface from time and to time and this is reassuring and much anticipated and expected from our fellowman.Children have been left aimless, homeless, with out financial means to support or to even begin a family.People who have never paid a dime into Social security administration, and some this was intentional. The people who needed the most help flatly refused to get it. Even, people of refuge and immigration have recieved it under false pretence.The Indian reservations have been infilterated by gypsies and easterners, as well even mongolian and japanese that were left he…