Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Dear friend,



Iv'e done alot of soul searching, searching for te words tot alk to you about this sensitive issues surround the State Of Texas, I wish to express the problems now to you. Texas has been the corner stone of my life since the beginning of time. Texas has never failed me and help has always been within my reach.

I dont know what tohers blame you for and the lies run deep, but the problems surface from time and to time and this is reassuring and much anticipated and expected from our fellowman.


Children have been left aimless, homeless, with out financial means to support or to even begin a family.

People who have never paid a dime into Social security administration, and some this was intentional. The people who needed the most help flatly refused to get it. Even, people of refuge and immigration have recieved it under false pretence.The Indian reservations have been infilterated by gypsies and easterners, as well even mongolian and japanese that were left here in USA after the vietnam wars.


Drugs infilterations from with in the States travel and are a meaningless journey for self gratifications and personal freedoms.

Some people are hopelessly addicted to drugs and have no idea what they are addicted to. Aimless, searching for the releife of a germ that is embedded so deeply into the genetics grains of humanity that it is not recognizable.


Should we continue to blame our past and our histories, and even our parents for these curses that have been so long standing in the depths of our minds?

Our sins are just sins and there is no crime that was even committed that would subject us to these tortures and torments.

Many have addictions and are genetically altered , in lame attempts to rid themselves of this maladies.


Many beelive in God, but don't know him, and wouldn't know the first thing about dying and going to heaven or how to get there once they have died. Many "ARE LOST ON THIER WAYS".


There must be some remedy that will help these ailing people, without futhering thier problems.


Wouldnt it be easier to read it from a book than to stumble through life in unexact computations?

In the real , the clincher is that there are people so medievil that they still beleive in burning witches at the stake?


People who still frown over re-encarnation?

While all of this is still on going the expectations on women are extroidinary.

Still we face our jobs with out being acredited for it.

We are called womens libbers and activist. Which is not partnered with fathers for equal rights. Women must also acknowledge "MARGARET SANGER", planned parenthood and in the same token we regretfully have to acknowledge the horrendous issue of abortion. Children have less than a 25% chance of even being born into this world at all. These staggering things continue and the nnumber is getting smaller and smaller when we address the issues of thier health and well being.

even thier future seems very dim.


Though we still are faced with the unending  responsibilities to care for our own even when our own have been far removed from the picture more than onced.


Some even multiply the children like rabbits and cloned them and made them the victims of other horrendous acts.


We must come to recognize this in our society and ask God for his help and his control to take over these things.


GOD BE WITH YOU ALL TODAY, AND please be blessed, watch out for our children, and disabled and handicapped and the mentally ill and seniors of our days. God Bless you. God bless you.. as I do.


Laters People.

Ms. Tanniebear.









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