Saturday, July 13, 2013

Marijuana versus tobacco written by the wind 2013

IMarijuana versus tobacco the problem with comparing marijuana and tobacco is that there is a definitive line between one marijuana is THC which is a hallucinogenic But may be defined as tobacco and tobacco is not a hallucinogenic but a Nikitine their direct opposite compounds to one another but both will leave you with withdrawals and craving and regular Tobacco has possibly been confused in the past with marijuana therefore I am going to say that tobacco is the lesser of two evils But the word  smoke  is being used in such a broad term that people who are smoking crack are also being compared to smokers and when someone ask you do you smoke and you say yes I smoke cigarettes based On the math of masses The law that also uses the word smoke is a broad term they use the word smoke in a very broad term and it makes everybody looked like there on Another level of this word but it is not definitive And no one has taken the time to define between The two marijuana versus tobacco for the record it is my understanding that they are two separate entities or industries One not having anything to do with the other and we must face versus other smokable products and I although when we look at the broad picture of all the smokable products on the market and in the streets today including crack cocaine and crystal meth and others that are not so popular searches smokable herbs we get the picture that the whole world is going up in smoke according to the fire department when a person inhales a certain amount of smoke considered carbon monoxide carbon dioxide it causes them to fall asleep when they fall asleep during the fire then that's when their lives are consumed by the fire that's why when some people smoke cigarettes they reportedly say over and over if I get a cigarette I'll be able to relax but been contrary to that cigarettes and nicotine actually speed up the metabolism now marijuana THC and nicotine are both opiates but who can say what is a safe opiate and opiate is comparative to a ring in a tree and the tree ring is an opiate because it's in a circle "so we have other things on the planet that are healthy for us such as lemons and lines those are opiates too but they're considered to be safe the opiates that are not considered safe are things such as Herione Demerol stuff like that I don't have a complete list but those are son and those are considered hazardous and you have to be watched while taking the medicine What confuses me is that how can we define an opiate as being safe or not say when we have such dramatic differences in a lemon and let's say Herione or THC and what defines between Heroine and a psychedelic or hallucinogenic The difference between an hallucinogenic and an opiate non-hallucinogenic is that the hallucinogenic is a mind altering chemical while an opiate Non-hallucinogenic is the contrary to that used as a detox from radiation poisoning while opiates can also be hallucinogenic when giving in Larger doses causes the mind to dream is also the same as a hallucinogenic crossing but not actually a hallucination there are many derivatives to that but let's keep our mind on the topic marijuana versus tobacco the reason why hallucinogenic's or called considered dangerous is because they have chemicals in the Compound that can cause neuropathy of the mind and since the spraying of the crops and Japan's Pearl Harbor napalm Agent orange and the cropdusting you also have a new Riddick response from the body hallucinogenic's LSD PCP THC all these things are considered hallucinogenic's and they're highly experimental but there is evidence to show that in the recent history of America there has been certain manufactured products of that Which actually caused people to go ball headed and became highly neurotic and experienced erosion of the brain and the body it's central nervous system compiled with the hallucinogenic as well there were many practices involving hallucinogenic's and one recent historical example we can fall on is the occults of the 1960s such as the Jonestown massacre and the Charlie Manson versus Tate Case California/Texas even in ritual years was initiated as a right of passage for some gang members that the history of hallucinogenic's has been around for many centuries dating back as far as the North American Indians and the Mayans of New Mexico it is my belief that the selected groups of people are greatly feared because of their psychotic tendencies who were abberrated by hallucinogenic's and other drug influences being semi-hypnotic and yet totally unreachable frame of mind . From this we all have a lesson to learn and if we learn standing on the outside of this rather than becoming actively involved in this and we stand a chance at defeating the problem a popular statement from marijuana smokers "I would rather smoke marijuana then cigarettes" this is part of you Apparation to think that marijuana is not capable of slow  enduring  of psychotic tendencies is a popular misconception and complete denial of the truth . And now from what we know about drugs we Are able to make a clear and conscious decision based on theFacts And while we are talking about hallucinations just for the record I want to say that there is definitely a difference between dreams and hallucinations and that they are two different functions and two different realms of the mind and as we ponder the thought of dreams and the difference between dreams and hallucinations we might consider Sigmund Freud and his book of dreams for the mind can achieve anything that it can see and believe . And being so the mind can also lose control over its ability Of self-control which brings to mind another example terrorist bombers who Were young children and raised up from children to fight  in a militant war . Psychology has taking a very big stand in this Quest . You might think Sigmund Freud is dead just like you thought chivalry was dead. We must then look at this terrible omen and very closely cockeyed , cross eyed, one Eyed, In every way possible and examine this With utmost importance and bare into mind Amsterdam Holland where hash is sold and you can smoke it in the bars legally according to those rules and hashish which is the derivative of marijuana and THC Stop 
There is more to come on the marijuana versus tobacco issue at hand .Stop. End.
It is my concern that the south of the border Mexican Americans who has brought forth a lot of this has been may have waged war with tobacco industry and that's why we keep getting ihikes in cigarettes prices and the crisis but that is where the government completely and totally ignored the tobacco companies In favor of the hospital district medical Association While the tobacco industry was being hijacked The American Medical Association saw the means to get money from cancer claims send the tobacco industry and may have been able to hijackers to get away with the tobacco market when it is clear that north America is the father and grandfather and great-grandfather to tobacco and The little Blueflower tobacco but this is far off the subject of marijuana versus tobacco first let's define what true marijuana is and who owns it and who is the founder  of these New plants even though they are centuries old the plant we call marijuana.
I sincerely hope that out of all those cigarette smokers in the world and all the marijuana closet junkies in the world that we can set the record straight and put a definitive answer on the board and we can bring it before the legislation and we can fight off the terrorism coming from South America and Mexico in behalf of the industry of marijuana And then we can separate the men from the boys so to speak that we can get the African portion out of it and put it on another legislation let's just take marijuana versus tobacco that would be the proper Protocol we will not forget all those people who have suffered behind ignorance of legislation for the marijuana industry and the People who suffered so greatly behind bringing this to the United States of America and let's not forget we are not being ignorant of the law because ignorance is no excuse
The proper channels have to be addressed the FDA FTA the AMA
Furthermore you know credit is due where credit is due unfortunately those fighting in South America will probably never get the credit that is due this unless they can walk those proper channels and because this is such a complicated issue other paths are being cut in this way If the truth be known marijuana legalization is not something that is going to bring peace because the market for marijuana is increased over the years to extraordinary amounts and there is no way that the marijuana industry can make that sort of money if they signed in with a chemical or drug company prescription companies such as Astra Zeneca For example and the average American will probably die trying the least thing I can say marijuana versus cigarette tobacco as we know it today as in like Marbro is a thing that is too far-fetched and way too dangerous to undertake And less she sees some superheroes coming out the woodwork ready to take this on but this is not going to happen I really think it's like fighting a losing battle a no-win situation and still a thing of which dreams were made of and isn't that what America is all about You can't stop it and a lot of people say if you can't beat them join them I sincerely warn you And in conclusion This is why Cited with tobacco companies I'm asking everyone who is here in the United States of America in behalf of the marijuana industry to please lay down your arms and let's discuss this and work on that plan it has to be passed legislation in the House of Representatives the it has to be ratified into a bill that would legalize it in the state of Texas or any other state in the United States and we may also look to the alcohol prohibition as an example but remember you won't find favor in every case you see some will side with you and someone side with me in any case it must be Peaceable Let's end this war on drugs so we as people can get back to our family that which we love far beyond any other thing in this world thank you for reading my blog and you guys have a great day that God bless you keep you watch out for you and keep you safe in God's ways and keep goodness in your heart love you  Forever and ever amen
I want outlined this ;-) factor in regards to marijuana and hallucinogenic's THC is a milder form but it also entitled people to dream and it keeps people in contact with what they are AMA maybe using that the tendency to make capital gains and How's the forefathers and founders of this wonder drug that is helping so many people but because of napalm it's a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation That no one is completely aware or sure if napalm is the chemical being used on the marijuana crops and other crops That if in fact these type of chemicals are being used on marijuana it may explain the neuropathy and atrophy that people are experiencing and they are suffering even as much as amputations cancer anymore due to nerve damage that this in fact is escalating the anger and the wars And possibly killing countless people and it may be a possible motivation for arsons in states such as Colorado But then our military is losing their psychological hold on American if in fact it is our military Responsible for the cropdusting or that of another country That Americans maybe being held of the terrorist group That we are being inflicted by such asthe 911 And while it is not clear Is given marijuana it's evil name this is complete terrorism and is hijacking Of that industry and this is a report from the very bottom of the south of Texas End of a person who has been a midst this war since the days of their birth I Feel you  can confidently depend on this report As being close to the truth or as close to the truth as United States of America and get in the time of such Chaos and destruction and i make this report so that Americans are aware that we are watching you We fight Justice And the saints of Texas I hope you have not forgot that we all the saints they go marching in. Bless America and everybody get you some rest really good sleep Replenish your body and prepare for the coming 21st century I cannot bless you enough 

Friday, July 12, 2013

You lied written by the wind 2013

When you told me that you love me you Lied uwhen you told me you were true truth is you really don't know what love is Or how powerful love has a Hold on you 
Your just to naïve to think that I would believe in such a thing you told me you love me and if I would wear your ring that you believed in something and it was better than nothing at all and I slowly fell behind your façade Waking up in the morning I realize there's no such thing it Is not a story it was just a dream Yeah you lied when you told me you love me you lied when you told me you were true you lied because you don't really know what love is or how powerful love has a hold on You

Thursday, July 11, 2013

More evil to you , written by the wind 2013

The birds are singing wait before Dawn you're not at home but you left your lights on as I was sang  my tidbit songs to big sioxe, you broken every heart and you  gouged every eye,  you burn them at the stake in you laughed till they cried Jesus just a grain of sand in this old mans hands and his feet are cloaked in moccasins  and there's more evil to you .
he is just a very old soul in him you can do no wrong Jesus just a grain of sand in this man's hands and his feet are Cloaked in moccasins, and There's more evil to you,
Hush little baby don't say a word mama is gonna buy you a mocking bird, ten soldiers in a row is going to be the death of us all , and there is more to you than this, 
Kiss me goodbye before you leave the cats in the cradle the band shall lead much like a band of gypsies ,
And there is more evil to you ,
bury my heart in an open sea there will be... 
More evil to you!


well I haven't slept in my bedroom for months now due to the fact that my neighbors are lighting bonfires and what is my backyard and my...