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Marijuana versus tobacco written by the wind 2013

IMarijuana versus tobacco the problem with comparing marijuana and tobacco is that there is a definitive line between one marijuana is THC which is a hallucinogenic But may be defined as tobacco and tobacco is not a hallucinogenic but a Nikitine their direct opposite compounds to one another but both will leave you with withdrawals and craving and regular Tobacco has possibly been confused in the past with marijuana therefore I am going to say that tobacco is the lesser of two evils But the word  smoke  is being used in such a broad term that people who are smoking crack are also being compared to smokers and when someone ask you do you smoke and you say yes I smoke cigarettes based On the math of masses The law that also uses the word smoke is a broad term they use the word smoke in a very broad term and it makes everybody looked like there on Another level of this word but it is not definitive And no one has taken the time to define between The two marijuana versus tobacco for the r…

You lied written by the wind 2013

When you told me that you love me you Lied uwhen you told me you were true truth is you really don't know what love is Or how powerful love has a Hold on you Your just to naïve to think that I would believe in such a thing you told me you love me and if I would wear your ring that you believed in something and it was better than nothing at all and I slowly fell behind your façade Waking up in the morning I realize there's no such thing it Is not a story it was just a dream Yeah you lied when you told me you love me you lied when you told me you were true you lied because you don't really know what love is or how powerful love has a hold on You

More evil to you , written by the wind 2013

The birds are singing wait before Dawn you're not at home but you left your lights on as I was sang  my tidbit songs to big sioxe, you broken every heart and you  gouged every eye,  you burn them at the stake in you laughed till they cried Jesus just a grain of sand in this old mans hands and his feet are cloaked in moccasins  and there's more evil to you .he is just a very old soul in him you can do no wrong Jesus just a grain of sand in this man's hands and his feet are Cloaked in moccasins, and There's more evil to you, Hush little baby don't say a word mama is gonna buy you a mocking bird, ten soldiers in a row is going to be the death of us all , and there is more to you than this,  Kiss me goodbye before you leave the cats in the cradle the band shall lead much like a band of gypsies , And there is more evil to you , bury my heart in an open sea there will be...  More evil to you!

More evil to you


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