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How about that sandman, you just one knotty son of a gun!

She spit out y's and took in watts for a living how about that sandman? 
She on your track and trailing list not too cold and not too hot.  Just about right !  Porridge for a bear .

Tomorrow we talk about suicide/

Wake up my little sleepy heads

UIn general I do not like to complain about Charities Social security or welfare because I really don't want to take advantage of those companies or organizations but when you have to say something and makes it pretty impossible to say and that is that the Social security administration has got people clampdown so hard and covered under redtape to the Point that they have very little motor movement and personal freedoms they cannot accomplish even simple tasks such as doing their civil duties in society or trying to be a good Samaritan or patriot. We should lift disabled in handicapped and and elderly up high on a pedestal Not High under a bushel 
There should be more ways To assist the disabled the handicap And seniorcitizen Of whom I personally find a great debt of gratitude towards
While some people may balk and complain about disabled people receiving so security there is definitely a good reason for that , Quite simply that some people are not deserve to be on disability. So when I see people who are handicapped disabled senior citizens been taking advantage of being abused for their income what little they have when it's not a Fairmarket so and being mistreated it hurts me deeply and as far as the employment line goes there's not very many positions in society that will enable someone to assist people in the correct fashion they simply do not hire people to do that There is no such job description. 

So in essence what you have is ill-equipped people trying to perform a job that there is no or very  little money Or funds to support their claims and money left over  from grants or loans to put in the pockets of these disabled handicapped and seniors And as such in most circumstances they find themselves in a situation where they have to provide voluntary services just to get their own paperwork done and which may be done incorrectly and to help assist other people without being neglectful of their rights being it disabled or handicapped or senior Has to perform what I referred to as grunt Work this whether they like it or not Everyone disabled senior citizen or handicap are provoking merged on to continue forward despite the lack and capabilities of proper tools proper funds etc. Which takes a big portion out of their personal freedoms and their wallet it would be very easy to regress back into a state of being that is so frowned upon in society  They have worked so hard to get to the point where they are now and they're getting to the point where they feel unloved unI noticed Unwanted and despise by there once comrades and friends Because of their neediness lowliness and Structure And that does not include the place where they are now at in their Health and well-being. I'm very grateful and have extreme gratitude towards the securities and and people who assist us but I feel that because of that lack of having tools and the ability to define or to assist it Gratitude does not go very far And are just mere words so we can put a verb with that And turn it in to an action . The deployment of this verb is gotten to the point of extremity and people are now starting to scream and curse To implore these plans that we have heard so often but have seen very little of And people Need to listen and pay attention But who can listen to the railings screaming And so most must turn the Deaf ear To the words and things that are spoken in behalf of those who desperately need .
As a disabled family that I came from it took years to get in ramps and oversized bathroom stalls and things of this nature I don't know how long it's going to get the government and those who matter to take it off objectively look at the current situation in which were all in and until they do we are all having to back out of this construction of things that help the handicap and disabled because there's only one certain type of group of people that are actually benefiting from it and those who are disabled a handicap are paying dearly for what they need. They have paid in from so security and insurance companies and amounts that would enable them to build state-of-the-art hospitals and surgical tables and we have seen this in the media but that's not helping us that hurting us because those funds need to be put back into society so that they can function on the level that people can Respect and identify with Those funds should be totally utilized to the best interests of the citizens of Texas. Disabled in handicapped retarded or Ugly without discrimination or prejudices And instead elected in the poor person pocket as if they are another Howard Hughes Wake up wake up America this is reality not a dream haven't we suffered long enough We don't even have homes to call home food on the table when we need it is said we have to run 50 miles every day in our cars or foot on our bicycles just a piece it together. And make life worth living and Livable
Someone Want this so bad even though they're not disabled handicap and seniors someone is for the disabled handicapped the seniors and some cannot accomplish that they're working effortlessly but they cannot accomplish it while others including the disabled handicapped and seniors sit in toiling every day toiling toiling toiling toward it but never are able to reach the goal looks like we need a superman but in actuality we only need signatures to put it into action We don't need resistance rebels or things of those like. Picketing Rioting in peaceful demonstrations are out and waste of our money as well as everybody else's . Once we accomplish our goals we can move on to something else. We can actually alleviate our mental torment by accomplishing these goals
And we can make everybody happy and completely satisfied so that they can live some kind of life with normality in their senior years or disabled in handicapped life. But you can't do it like a pigeon sit in a pigeon poop you got to get the word out. Let's bust Some butt and do it take care have a great day always in my thoughts in my mind even upon my awaken every day. God bless you and take care yours Truly

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Step back feast your eye on a broad picture

Here is The broad picture, Let's start in the 1960s you had to JFK Kennedy assassination, You had the Jonestown massacre, You had the Charlie Manson Occult and Charlie Manson confirmation of his whereabouts in Texas Lagrange to be exact . And then you had a mass murder in Pasadena Texas, Of young school-age boys that were buried beneath the floorboards of the wooden house and many more other bodies buried out at Galveston Island. The broad picture is that it looks like what ever or whoever this was wasn't evil plot or deadly omen, But the truth of the matter is it was post Vietnam War, And My uncle was ran over by truck right before my four-year-old eyes And a grocery store clerk was shot right before my four-year-old eyes. This year was in 1968 so they caught a black man on the grassy knoll is the JFK but they arrested a man and shot and killed him the man who is doing the mass murders was taken to Galveston County to unearth the graves but television Was only invented in the 1940s And quite frankly no one could believe their eyes For their ears. To most people they had been prepped for another storyline from  HG Wells. No one could believe in what the TV Said, And even so the stories when in one ear and out the other if you ask me quite frankly there is something agitate the situation and aggravating about it all that no one really got the sense of justification and no one was truly sure about this group of stories and horror migrating from the South often some say are calling this South Winds And reference it as being the most poignant In all the-world wide .
Even preachers have said that television is one of the worst sins in the world today. And because of television many murderers have went free  perpetrators and the instigators of the above crimes listed as mass murderers. People who should truly be held accountable for these crimes are walking the streets and still abusing people of the United States of America . It is with my greatest concern that we take notice of these things of which I will not call Human more like into beastiality and carnal sin so corrosive and sickening it turns every stomach. But we have something to be thankful for the a beast now getting old where they used to travel about on four wheels they only have three and there Weebly wobbly gypsy wagon is going to fall over and Deteriorate. And this is good news I will never be so happy as to see these people burn in hell burn in hell you son of a bitch! You see what is done he's taken man and turn them into less of a man he's taken women and turn them Into harlots and treacherous women even got into a little DNA splicing and cloning and's spawning Can you imagine reproduction Something Horrendous As this The Carney evil himself. 
He just continues to chop slice at every living thing So you see the Kings business And America United States. Sincerely that king has Manny great and evil carnage thanks for you what you did He will surely decapitate And impale you for what you have done And you can bet your bottom dollar on that.
I need and want no more and when the final line is written I will rejoice and be glad in it do your job you who have been call let's Ride Our house of this atrocity And take these murderers Sadistic masochistic bastards-to hell.
Your friend and comrade I beseech forever and a day, All hell the queen of Wales sincerely Miss Tannie dykema

Keeping you in the loop

Isn't it funny how when you talk to someone and talk about your problems suddenly your problems seem to be Coincidental and almost paradox by a similar incident that happened that very same day Within 24 hours, Though your problem had no significance when you Told the person. The other person coincidentally got headline news. While your problem was file 13. File 13 means Canned or Threw in the trash.

Journey of the nineties 2013

After a long journey in 1996 I returned home to Texas I felt refreshed alive viable had decided since my 
encounter with such infamous characters that it would be best to go visit my grandmother in North Carolina she wasn't feeling well And was in an ill mood upon my arrival but please that was there I then decided to go to visit my cousins in Kansas we had a stop in Oklahoma Texas and I got off the bus as I was there the bus took off and left me sitting on a park bench seat at the terminal outside I was approach by white-haired elderly man he claimed he was an officer Atlaw and how Oklahoma has some problems , later on arrive at Kansas found out the nature of such problems. The OK bombers and Bombing at the federal building.
At such time in Kansas I took a job at the local motel in Kansas rented a little dumpy trailer I spent every Time on that and I had a lot and  I Been on a broken down trailer so I took the remainder of my money and went to Colorado to visit my sons Derek Dykema and Jason Dykema
When I arrived at Colorado Springs Colorado my ex-husband was being fictitious and so I took the kids and went to King supers and got some food and games or movies and went back to the apartment where The boys and Scott Lived. Scott took a shower got all dressed up and it was about midwinter when I had arrived, He wanted to get some personal freedom so he went out while me and the boys stayed home watched movies and ate
When he came back from his personal freedom the personal level on which  him and I communicated had been somewhat changed and change changed I had to find somewhere else to live I wound up at the American Red Cross shelter in Colorado Springs on Sierra Monterey on a cot and then I got work at the temporary labor pool on Nevada And once my disability money came in I was able to rent a motel at the travelers in Lodge where I resided for approximately one month
I searched out an apartment Signed a lease but never moved in
Mostly due to the fact of the neighborhood residents and persons and because he had asbestos ceilings
I donated plasma and worked at the local Jack-in-the-Box also work at the double Antler Hotel and the Cheyenne resort I also decided to relocate and move out of Colorado and back to Kansas but while I was in Colorado I met a man and we kind of ran off together back to Kansas this relationship lasted all the way up until 1998 then I moved to dodge Kansas
When money ran out and my vehicle which I had purchased was 1982 Went on the blink during a snowstorm had to make some very very quick decisions regarding my finances My living arrangements so it was me and Greyhound back on the bus to North Carolina
It came as a surprise when I went back to my grandmothers apartment in Eden
That her sister Christine called the police on me and had me arrested and incarcerated into a hospital and while I was being detained my poor grandmother was also admitted into the hospital where she later died
I was then given the option to become a citizen and to stay in North Carolina and live at a assisted-living house And I should have accepted their offer but emotionally I was very distraught by the death of my grandmother Of whom I adored all my life and love for everything she taught me Done for me and because she loved me
Needless to say it was a very interesting journey I cried a lot and I experienced great emotion my heart sincerely goes out to the victims of Oklahoma Bomber of Oklahoma , to my sons, The innocent bystanders of the Littleton high school massacre and to my grandmother and my family in North Carolina I am grateful to be alive and I have nothing but respect for the deceased and their families
May you all who survived live long happy and prosperous and I Bid You ado, So long and goodbye, Your friend and comrade in Texas residents and citizens since 1964

Locking horns continue July 18, 2013

Locking horns continued
The rights were violated was article 4 section 2 ,  And the eighth amendment , The constitution of United States of America United States of America , the  US Public Law 91 – 579 ,
USCA Congressional statements S – 2131, 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Please contact your wife /mother

Please do not take this plea as one that seeks to harm, Rather a plea that seeks to help Mr. Scott Dykema .
Mr. Scott Dykema has been missing a lot of his wife presence for very very long time every medical procedure ever done was not with his consent and he was out of pocket at that time. Matter-of-factly Mr. Dykema has not been in contact with his wife since 1996  Mr. Derrick Dykema the son of Scott Dykema is missing while his older son is in prison the word is that Mr. Scott Dykema was in a serious car accident And that he was supposed to be in a certain hospital but we cannot locate Mr. Scott Dykema through the medical records of those hospitals his former wife is very very concerned about his whereabouts Since His signature is on the initial documentation for hospitalization for his wife to be mentally institutionalized , we are desperately seeking after him to find out if he is okay and  still alive The rear asking Mr. Scott Dykema and Derek Ashton Dyckman to please contact his mother at the above number 832-510-7597 We do not want to put out a warrant or a missing persons bulletin he is not being held Answerable to any accusation or crime That he has some imposters harassing his wife And she must find out what's going on with him Whether or not he is reaping reports that he shouldn't be regarding his wife's mental health whether or not he's okay is the most important thing We cannot allow someone to impostor his wife who is a long time standing residence at Texas and Montgomery county she is been released and discharged from her legal commitment Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Scott Dyke man please call 832-510-7597 Thank you everybody and have a great day

Monday, July 15, 2013

Locked horns

There are several people that have a tendency to lock horns with the disabled one of those people who have guilt and have no one to blame it on For me I don't know if it's for everybody else but personally the provider care for the disabled is one of them landlords is another one doctors agencies providing healthcare And insurance companies thieves have a Tendency to lock horns Parents and their children When you are locking horns with someone who is a company and you are an individual who's looking for work that kind of wrap kills people this is a technique that they do and it may come in and do their blind studies on the disabled using it to do cavity searches and more in trapping and framing people for things they didn't do and pushing them into a no-win situation even going as far as entrapping the mind step-by-step to you wind up in prison for something you didn't do or are provoked into something you wouldn't ordinarily do Some people consider this wiping your ass on people using a disabled person as a pigeon referencing psychology 101 and by the way isn't the first psychology Psyche patient a pigeon Then wouldn't it be domestic animal abuse to take a psych patient and put them in a contract that makes them go and have the dog cat neutered Spayed and is it mental abuse for a woman That has endured such psychology as psychology 101 Example pigeon to Have to witness and endorse such an Application or procedure and wouldn't it be reckless endangerment To then take that same woman's married last name and put it on documents for the animals which consequently the animal Is now with the human name And furthermore use the animals parts or the last name of that woman to get immigration documents or to sell as a food product To then charge that same woman a deposit and money for the procedures And all of this is done or has been done without the husband  of the woman's consent Matter-of-factly she would not seek his consent since she had divorced him but she has no argument with him except the ones that were created by society but inevitably if that name is used for immigration then that man who is the former husband of the woman may have right to Riot And the correction of those documents legal recourse against the agencies that abused his former wife but since he's not her husband he probably will not assume that Right At all of this turns in to a lost cause the woman has complained and has requested that charges be filed with the county sheriffs department because she knows that if everyone does their job correctly that resolution can be made and the correction of that law Correction of those documents legal restitution and benevolence but trying to get somebody to do something for you as like rams locking horns In today's society more people are concerned about the long picture versus the short picture It's like if they do this that they may lose their job or any number of consequences and unfavorable outcomes Some people say it's just like looking at Cow and seeing it as milk and steak Instead of seeing it as a living animals  and treating it accordingly and Humanely 
If anything you have learned from this Entree a step-by-step protocol into which you can wage war against human trafficking illegal immigration illegal documentations and cruelty to animals all rolled into one I imagine if you knew how to capitalize on this you accept this as a blueprint
Unfortunately most people's minds are only set on how much money they can make
And for good reason because the economy sucks we have to provide and we have to survive that the rate this is going and that's like human euthanasia
And humane euthanasia of animals such as horses all this cost money to matter how you look at it but when it comes to being human and being acceptable in society you have to weigh the odds what will you tolerate and what do you not tolerate and do you have a zero tolerance What will you let slip through your hands today ?

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Text me

Come back to me come back to me all those whom I love come back to me and let's be together in the form of the Holy Spirit descending upon his people Like that dove Come See Come saw Mission accomplished


well I haven't slept in my bedroom for months now due to the fact that my neighbors are lighting bonfires and what is my backyard and my...