Saturday, July 27, 2013

I know my dawg

When I adopted my dawg boo boo he was a kennel male sire abused and neglected a weight of eleven pounds which is listed onmy web page some where 
Now booboo is eighteen pounds got a whole new shed of hair and cherry fixed
But here is the problem booboo was not healthy because booboo is addicted to something. 
He also has sired pups but they are not in the best of shape. 
Here is a picture of boo boo
He is shard worker very frisky and very loyal to his work. 
Please for sake the living please don't
Over populate gods creatures . Don't abuse exploit neglect. We are fortunate to have such beautiful animals that can co exist with mankind. But beware even a small dawg can bite and hurt people . Leaving terrible marks and if you see a maimed animal in the road don't touch them they will bite even their owners when cornered. This is their nature and it cannot be abstracted from their nature it's just the way they were born into society . God loves them yes he does but humans are definitely loved as well. Usually it's not the dawgs fault it's usually our fault for the way they behave and it's more likened into their engineering to love you back. 
Dawgs are genetically throw backs into society and I would venture say it was for a good cause .  I would also venture to say that if you don't know anything about genetics then you should leave its mating cycle alone.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Watch out for that tree

"Rest in Pick" M.L.G. 1992 plot # 12 Woodlawn cemetery god bless you!


When paying a visit. To the widows always pack a snack lunch

Betrayed by a kiss you

You son of judas was wrapped in a barb wire fence, we know of your suffering and we know its a fight to the not ask me why... Save it 
The rabbit dye
Laid an egg 
That was enough! For their DNA test
You got nothing but nothing just what the doctor ordered! Turned out to be exactly one quarter .

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Concept for liberty

I figure there are 25 hours to every day we work and love and play hard and long extra hour is like a note to every day life's song. I will repay all your deeds good and bad so you know whAt it is being Christ ,is like adding one hour to your day of living and life. Sew a seed of love reap, see a seed larceny I intend to keep,  I intend to repay every day. I will steal your heart away "on guard " so be prepared to pay this is my day , all 25 hours.
Concept you won't miss a thing punch in punched out write your own schedule but you still work eight , eight, and off nine.
Support women by funding . Protect them from exploitation and abuse. Saints of Texas unite.

Here's something to include when you count liberty

How many different types of vehicles can Any person own and drive and how many of you who have it all transfer your bod into onto on top of ya know? Within a 25 hour day. Btw we should add one hour to every day then we al would have a dose of number 13 superstitious as hell people 

They don't look like me

I look like them but they are not me and I am not them don't treat them like you have me 

If you know what I mean

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The rabbit dye

Art illustration by Tanniebear of a thing to in depth to explain about genes and TT pye

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Betrayal of the worst kind

It's the best game I've ever seen play It all starts with the cutest kiss and suddenly you're on the list you fight with this new fight with that it's never ending at that your only son You do not know Has suddenly taken the presence of three children that are missing and then you find the body double any swear it's got to be over Then meet up with the company games  And cannot even find your own name Sincerely and onto the past you want to have this game in that is slowly fizzles out cold and lifeless it's not fair to live a life enrage When the hate and anger is not your own you thought you lived the life of a dream but dreams turn into nightmares and they point their crooked finger at me as if I'm the one set and free but they have been free all alone and never recognized freedom and it is time for them to take on your own obstructions An answer to their own charge for Freudian slip away From the truth that might save them But it's far from the truth They traveled so far this way you cannot scratch on history history passageways But they have made a martyr in their days because they never turn the page In such their outrage and pain won't be dismissed I cannot change And cannot change again I asked why does it happen to me when you had every opportunity To set me free we pay and pay and pay and played With no hope in return We cry it's just the Slipaway from Making Life into eternity But no one can live this way betrayed The best answer is to turn your back walkway and then there's the chain upon my fact you did break It's too late with your life train to make anything better in your old age just fucking forget it and leave me alone you kiss me one more time you Judas You swear your kitten but you just catfish And use the high heaven Don't you fool with me because I will do everything that you don't want to be Oh I have a right and I'm going to use it and put your foolish Joe grass in jail them smoke to themselves and an internal flame and free my people from their Their shame open the doors to every jail in Let them smoke the place down You'd make a covenant with the devil just to have a joint or two might as well let him have it smoking to their blue And the little prostitute
Seeks high reward for her game
Can't work 9 to 5 because of their Shame workers are nothing uis nothing but the color of the skin
There is no wonder what ever let me in Engaging in the rat race games Betray your ball Makes me want to hate you I said It's not your fucking fault no you just did drug induced And just Ballardsville stupid dream Nothing comes out the way it seems I should be more than this demo with your damn fucking shit Go away go back home to Your idiots You shouldn't be so quick to chat me because you don't know me and just because I'm scarred doesn't mean that she's any prettier than me actually she doesn't have a brain In her head matter of fact she's the walking dead

Monday, July 22, 2013


well I haven't slept in my bedroom for months now due to the fact that my neighbors are lighting bonfires and what is my backyard and my...