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G shopping list
Clorophylle Phosphorous Embossing stamp B complex Barbicide Odoban Commit Trash can Vector ban plus Flowtron bulb and hanger Glucosamine calcium magnesium malate Bluegreen algae kelp Perrier water Isopropyl alcohol Tide Quarters Carpet fresh Trash bags

Pre siege war on Colorado

OIs my undrstanding that the way it's is in colorado with drug enforcement that we as texans had the same rules and laws that are being enforced in Colorado at this time with approximate guesstation I only know about the media hype its rough regarding that but those laws and rules were passing Texas along time ago before Our siege against drugs.While  marijuana may be deemed a lesser the hopeful hypnotic In some persons opinions it still ranks high on priority and concern.  The law stating that person can be caught with and ounce of marijuana is still just face minor charges and infractions but the law does not state whether not you can drive while you're on marijuana Because marijuana has a mild hypnotic some people believe that it's increases their concentration capabilities But the drug enforcement is still as strong as it ever was and when people do as assertain  the product a lot of times they are hijacked from it. Much like the Second Amendment law and people owning gu…

My answers will always be

Relative, nonrelative, derivative, or relative  by law.

Leave the door Open  Make space for emergencies Create a demo unit Where people can be interviewed and get a night stay in emergency situations Where evidence can be gathered
Blanca "jones"

I jumped and jammed the thumb

Suicide and homicide and dybbuk oxide 
Things that make you want to commit to suicide or things that are used to make you commit to Suicide, or that are added on that drives you to suicide 

Help please

II have discovered through trial and error a few mysteries in lifeAbout stroke victims About malnourished About jaundice And one of my most latest is about occult madness And other maladies Each one must be attended separately and they must take supplements Even still most of these remedies are over the counter on the market the are not cheap  I need to get in contact with whole sellers  I need a large quantity of certain items If you are whole seller and bulk please  text 256447 leave your name and number

Reunion. Blood. Com

are you gonna be there?

The penny

Penny for your thoughts
You can get a penny for your thoughts then why can't everybody else get a penny for theirs ? and if that's just one thought then how many Pennies do you Owe? For all the wishful thinking ? And when someone says it's not the gift that counts it's the thought behind it , then Does that mean you owe them a penny? But how come nobody Receive a penny? And how come nobody paid A penny? And we just here broke?
Did you get the picture I sent?
If a picture is worth a thousand words certainly I would be rich!
How about that broad picture there?the world is the largest tv screen in the world It's entertaining enough.

Would you help with no strings attached

At this point in the game? Don't miss the sign! ( Subliminal  )
Man thinks before he talks Women think and talk, But seldom can they say they were betrayed .. Especially when the whole town is doing it or its a betrayal in progress. 

Don't forget

Always check your factsUse past present and future as a way to smooth articles that are too gripping for your audience.

Stuck in 1982

My mind goes back to the time of 1982  Cullen sandpits a"lowered boom" how crazy is that to dive off a hundred foot boom into a puddled swampy snake infested pool of possibles and belly flop on the surface . Lol that be my sister except I didn't want to go to jail for murder! That was the party I had. It stuck! Because of you!
So let me ask you what year are you sticking?
.....and I haven't moved much since then.
You know it's not a joke and it never was but somehow everyone of you who knew found it funny and laughed while smoking you marijuana stick. Forgot all about it and guess what. Wake up... We didn't forget . We just don't go there no more. Afraid to because of what we might find out. Sympathy for the devil is not first on my list.

Movie pimp

Don't miss the movie by national geographic "the gospels of judas"by Peter coyote.

Things that I remember

No one else remembers.

Ring around the Rosie's

Ring around the Rosie's pocket full-of posies   ashes ashes they all fall downIt's really the depths of satan around here today, wouldn't ya say?


Sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will never hurt me!