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It is not my custom or my religion

Marijuana was used in the Mayan culture and South America. It has very little to do with the United States of America except for migration and it's manufacturing or growing in the states. But it is my belief that that product was not imported from South America but from England Therefore I'm going to say that this product may have been taken from America to the queen and then the queen to the people in from the people back to United States it is not my personal culture or my history and my people did not produce such crops and my people are southern. As in southern North Carolina southern Texas area any person in our family found to be manufacturing producing or  growing marijuana are quickly removed from the main branch Those that are addicted are gotten help through the medical profession And the psychiatric hospital And I am not actively enrolled thank God

Can-ibis sativa better known as medicinal marijuana

Harvested in August to October there are three main grades Bhang ganja charras Additionally hashish which is known by the Persians as assassin associated drugs with crime. The normal stuff you see on the streets was considered ganja, But up in the mountains of Colorado charras  is grown in high altitudes. Of the three charas is the most potent. Bhang as the least Potent. And the flavors come from chemical additives to make the drug more powerful such as aurum met Chicona gunpowder And other homeopathic remedies and herbal additives. Is much like in the 60s and 70s when  cocaine was being abused the additive was chicona Because it is a contradiction to the state the person was in which was debilitated Consequently people who do cocaine starved to death much like Andy Gibb  of the Beegee's. There is a new synthetic marijuana being made by pharmaceutical companies today which comes in the form of a pill. Mannitol it's called I think.  Cannibis sativa is the host of many chemicals addi…


Looks like all we got is the fork in our leg for motivation that's all it is really but if that's all we got that all we got. Life has just begun you really don't think I'm going to wasted on you do you There's no place in this world for an honorary woman shut your mouth and open your legs Let him drive his submarine clean kiss him in the morning and tell them you love them and then bite the bullet and fight like hell they'll feel that too you don't really think I dig The likes of you yes they do!!! Bleed baby blood They'll learn to love the taste of it And they want more And more 78 910 and it down-home matter as long as the little warlock can live for ever

It is no mystery anymore

Our media is working with the syndicate do not rely on news it will lie as it has before the  houston chronical has folded is not distributionWe have nothing but tags to richest we know nothing  Their facts are not accurate My heart is hurting so bad I have got to find some help I did not find any adequate medical help in the Woodlands Do not come here to Montgomery county unless you have an attorney and licensed firearm


mr jones every time I thought about drinking or partying they imposed the new laws and then made me break them! That is not fair So what do you think I should do? Now I can't even take potty In peace when they're always burning my bowls and smoking my pots I can't cook! Always rolling one just like the other one... Just as broke as hell.Forget about Hell in an "L" She has sincerely forgotten about you 12 good years of sobriety and many more I failed to mention If you could kiss my butt You butt fuckers They might let you!


In addition to you cannot serve liqueur , marijuana, hashish, if you have a felony! Because you cannot get a license, and you cannot own a gun either if you have had a felony.


Amendment 64 was not approved and will not be approved unless we as people of the United States of Texas received full documentation signed and ratified by nine states the approval documentation records and the area in which amendment 64 will be containing such as policed by the FDA the FTA similar to a license to serve alcoholic beverages in a liquor store or in a place of business where they  serve liquor.All person serving liquor must have a liquor license not just the owner but the waitresses and waiters who serve alcohol and must be at the legal drinking age would be in Texas age 21 If the amendment 64 is pass it will be similar to Amsterdam Holland where they also serve hashish in the bars and restaurants of certain orders in the red light district areas and bluelight district Areas, is America actually ready to attack this feat?  Please be careful of false media reports and documentation please be aware That the media and the government and the local policing officers sheriffs d…

Please stop!

The following is the reason why I say no to the 64th amendment and drugs, it is a nightmare a horror and not USA approved.

Place this sign in your lawn!


Area 64

Dear  I'm writing to tell you about my latest discovery because of the marijuana 64th amendment revolution
I have decided to brief you on what we are going through
This may be able to help you when you go for your parole hearing although I don't know when you're procuring is so in your next correspondence please send them dates to me
Because the area 64 amendment we will just say that it's getting harder and harder to get people who are incarcerated out of jail
Because it's hard to determine who is involved in it because there are so many who are involved in it and because of it's complicated nature And you just send her is being evaluated for these complications and their involvement in it
These complications were racketeer mental health problems involving around the transport of drugs and state lines And the hijacking of innocent people and females While some are voluntarily going into this area of 64th amendment others are not so actively involved and could be c…

I'll give it back to you

Remember ... We can't give back what we don't have!

I wants to tell you something mr jones

You are some Kind of man I  do believe you are the prettiest man I have ever seen Blue eyes just cold cool and The line to your heart drives me crazy in Love with you My heart. Just pitter patters All over town You are the best man around And I was so blue when I left you This heart will never be the same My eyes that with tears I was just your game But you'll never know how truey I care Because I believe they got above created you for me to love he picked you out from all the rest because he knew I love you best I had a heart And it was true but now it's gone from me to you please take care of it as I have done for now you have to and I have none If you're not there on judgment day I'll know you went the other way But just to prove my love for you I gave the angels back their wings golden harps and silver things Just to prove my love for you I go through hell to be with you Thank you Mr. Jones love Miss Jones

Weaning from this

We should all be in the sucker pond, for we are nothing but carnal sin in our depths.why are you so confused? Am I your clone?

My grieving gripe column today

The truth of the matter is no one can prove who the hell the kids are whose parents today today belong to ?We have severe wracked our brains for 32 years trying to figure out why the hell this shit is happening to us. I personally have not committed any crimes. I don't break the law where I don't have to. I'm sick and tired that the United States of America abusing my family in favor of some immigration law is not that I don't care about refugees and immigrants And those who defected their own country. And I'm not opposed to getting out of the deficit. However I am opposed to more criminal mischief racketeering organize crime Or imposters but that is the problem of United States of America today that we cannot legitimately allow this to happen and yet we are at a low on manpower This does not mean that you are going to defeat as an imposter legislation from South America here in the United States it does not mean that you are going to gain any ground whatsoever on t…

He's got the best in town!

A truth tonight the computer is being used to racketeering whole apartment complexes whole families and being replaced by clones, yes I said it clones. The old motto give me some skin Has finally came to life. The children are being used to exploit the remaining families for their money even family names It is Thick as mud out here! Please get some USA citizens not clones .

My supplements

Do your best I heard there is a lot to be aware of and weary of out there right now be careful.


They may look alike and names sound alike but they are not the reAl " jones's"
They are clones's