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It is not my custom or my religion

Marijuana was used in the Mayan culture and South America. It has very little to do with the United States of America except for migration and it's manufacturing or growing in the states. But it is my belief that that product was not imported from South America but from England Therefore I'm going to say that this product may have been taken from America to the queen and then the queen to the people in from the people back to United States it is not my personal culture or my history and my people did not produce such crops and my people are southern. As in southern North Carolina southern Texas area any person in our family found to be manufacturing producing or  growing marijuana are quickly removed from the main branch Those that are addicted are gotten help through the medical profession And the psychiatric hospital And I am not actively enrolled thank God

Can-ibis sativa better known as medicinal marijuana

Harvested in August to October there are three main grades Bhang ganja charras Additionally hashish which is known by the Persians as assassin associated drugs with crime. 
The normal stuff you see on the streets was considered ganja, But up in the mountains of Colorado charras  is grown in high altitudes. Of the three charas is the most potent.
Bhang as the least Potent.
And the flavors come from chemical additives to make the drug more powerful such as aurum met Chicona gunpowder And other homeopathic remedies and herbal additives.
Is much like in the 60s and 70s when  cocaine was being abused the additive was chicona Because it is a contradiction to the state the person was in which was debilitated Consequently people who do cocaine starved to death much like Andy Gibb  of the Beegee's.
There is a new synthetic marijuana being made by pharmaceutical companies today which comes in the form of a pill. Mannitol it's called I think. 
Cannibis sativa is the host of many chemicals addictive and non- addictive .
Including powerful tranquilizers including "angel dust" p.c.p. 
Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water Out comes Angel dust! What is the world's worst hallucinogenic's tranquilizers. In itself was a horse tranquilizer Commonly used as a date rape drug. People to want to rest and they will do anything including walking up and getting in their own coffin and allowing you to put on 6 foot under. Man is exhausted, And cannot find peace without the medicine. But the local government has provided with the alcohol prohibition and the serving of liquor. Be very very careful this is high potency stuff.
The crops in Colorado will probably burn and they gained a little bit too much ground and consumed some housing and that is just furthering their ability by racketeering insurance companies on housing and possible arson.
Do you understand ? 


Looks like all we got is the fork in our leg for motivation that's all it is really but if that's all we got that all we got. Life has just begun you really don't think I'm going to wasted on you do you There's no place in this world for an honorary woman shut your mouth and open your legs Let him drive his submarine clean kiss him in the morning and tell them you love them and then bite the bullet and fight like hell they'll feel that too you don't really think I dig The likes of you yes they do!!! Bleed baby blood They'll learn to love the taste of it And they want more And more 78 910 and it down-home matter as long as the little warlock can live for ever

It is no mystery anymore

Our media is working with the syndicate do not rely on news it will lie as it has before the  houston chronical has folded is not distribution
We have nothing but tags to richest we know nothing 
Their facts are not accurate
My heart is hurting so bad I have got to find some help I did not find any adequate medical help in the Woodlands
Do not come here to Montgomery county unless you have an attorney and licensed firearm


mr jones every time I thought about drinking or partying they imposed the new laws and then made me break them! That is not fair So what do you think I should do? Now I can't even take potty In peace when they're always burning my bowls and smoking my pots I can't cook! Always rolling one just like the other one... Just as broke as hell.
Forget about Hell in an "L" She has sincerely forgotten about you 12 good years of sobriety and many more I failed to mention If you could kiss my butt You butt fuckers They might let you!


In addition to you cannot serve liqueur , marijuana, hashish, if you have a felony! Because you cannot get a license, and you cannot own a gun either if you have had a felony.


Amendment 64 was not approved and will not be approved unless we as people of the United States of Texas received full documentation signed and ratified by nine states the approval documentation records and the area in which amendment 64 will be containing such as policed by the FDA the FTA similar to a license to serve alcoholic beverages in a liquor store or in a place of business where they  serve liquor.
All person serving liquor must have a liquor license not just the owner but the waitresses and waiters who serve alcohol and must be at the legal drinking age would be in Texas age 21 If the amendment 64 is pass it will be similar to Amsterdam Holland where they also serve hashish in the bars and restaurants of certain orders in the red light district areas and bluelight district Areas, is America actually ready to attack this feat?
 Please be careful of false media reports and documentation please be aware That the media and the government and the local policing officers sheriffs department are severely punishing drug abusers in the county, in the city of Houston you a pretty much running your own risk. Many officers have now abandoned the city of Houston in favor of the counties And low-lying areas. And trust me they are rolling People who are on disability in favor of possibly the  R.a. funds" relief assistance". Many changes are on the board but we don't know if these are legitimate changes Or just moreof oppression, Robberies or trickery! 
There is definite Commerse in some of the marijuana trade and the hashish trade in that is intensely in depth of what this is about. California skid Row got R.a Funding. The money never made it back into the pockets of those who provided the money therefore they figure it is not being used in the proper fashion. We as Texans who are disabled and casualties of war have never received a relief assistant checks. This is a catastrophe! Without approving something similar to the amendment 64 then you are taking a great loss but it would never are should never be provided by the American Medical Association when their primary oath is to first" do no harm". 
It seems all the collaborative efforts do not make one cents to those who are involved. 
Let's see the documentation of the amendments 64 and see if we can ratify? Truly  to put away for asunder this until it can be addressed more appropriately.

Please stop!

The following is the reason why I say no to the 64th amendment and drugs, it is a nightmare a horror and not USA approved.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Place this sign in your lawn!

Area 64

Dear  I'm writing to tell you about my latest discovery because of the marijuana 64th amendment revolution

I have decided to brief you on what we are going through

This may be able to help you when you go for your parole hearing although I don't know when you're procuring is so in your next correspondence please send them dates to me

Because the area 64 amendment we will just say that it's getting harder and harder to get people who are incarcerated out of jail

Because it's hard to determine who is involved in it because there are so many who are involved in it and because of it's complicated nature And you just send her is being evaluated for these complications and their involvement in it

These complications were racketeer mental health problems involving around the transport of drugs and state lines And the hijacking of innocent people and females While some are voluntarily going into this area of 64th amendment others are not so actively involved and could be considered prisoners of war and when I say prisoners of war I mean the war on drugs As all wars of South America and Africa young children were enlisted in these wars Used as militia And I have had the duty of tracking these wars and these people and getting information because my  you has been Attack or sublists it by people I know Then nature and depth of these problems extend into the equilibrium the hipp campus regions of the brain vertigo and clones or mutated and disease Your grandfather Moyes  set out a cry of the morning regarding this , previous to his death in July 1992 He said that we are not experiencing the effects of the war on drugs because it stem from South America Nicaragua  that they are however planning attacks and those are the people that are enlisted in this war

Because of this war The children and militia Have now grown into the adults in the United States of America The war which Has overextended it stay In itself was well overdue. Has created many many victims And has created what we now Terms area 64 not the 64th amendment. This area has included Colorado Texas Louisiana and Arizona. Which also include Stateline breaches Making this a crime and a felony of the highest magnitude. It's varity is so bad that it has impacted the children of those states whether or not they were United States of America and citizens or refugees defectors or immigrants. Of which many people such as the liikes of you have become involved because you're the demential participation and drugs. Sex and women. But I may not stress enough of your awareness and that you notice and acknowledge the problem at hand. My warning is this; Do not assume yourself to be a Milici leader controller or in a Any authoritative position over these people Of which you do not , They are the best at what they do And have been employed black arts such as voodoo and hoodoo. In some cases where the hippocampus the equilibrium and vertigo are active people have lost their entire lives even those who have not been drug abusers in the past. And in it's lesser form has identity crisis as a sign of It's wake in America. I am ill-equipped as one individual – UR ill-equipped. But I'm more of the victim and I offer this letter as a way in a means to have them drop charges on you as being an informant from Texas to Colorado

. I am the daughter of Vietnam War I am the opposing force . And you will do the same And you will lay down your arms. And fight with me Against the militia of South America and Nicaragua This is now called area 64 Not the 64th amendment. I open the door so that you can except this proposal But the door will not remain open for long And I grant you the power to change . To accept and acknowledge your crimes and to surrender To area 64 Don't ever do drugs again .If you make this promise to meet  To remain clean and sober For the duration of this war To wait for approval And be released from prison and you get in ahead We can close this war And dismiss the 64th amendment as being faulty Fake and fraudulent. And dig a little further on the tip of the iceberg of the casualties of war. There will be no 64th amendment even if for force feed it to us it will not exist or co exist with this family. Ever and I do mean ever. I am sure That the government will approve Area 64 As a means of oxidative Effect And approval of structured Plans Choose secretly overthrow The South American militia. And you must apply extreme trust And allow As to continue And not obstruct our government.

I'll give it back to you

Remember ... We can't give back what we don't have!

I wants to tell you something mr jones

You are some Kind of man I  do believe you are the prettiest man I have ever seen Blue eyes just cold cool and 
The line to your heart drives me crazy in Love with you My heart. Just pitter patters All over town You are the best man around And I was so blue when I left you This heart will never be the same My eyes that with tears I was just your game But you'll never know how truey I care Because I believe they got above created you for me to love he picked you out from all the rest because he knew I love you best I had a heart And it was true but now it's gone from me to you please take care of it as I have done for now you have to and I have none If you're not there on judgment day I'll know you went the other way But just to prove my love for you I gave the angels back their wings golden harps and silver things Just to prove my love for you I go through hell to be with you Thank you Mr. Jones love Miss Jones

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Weaning from this

We should all be in the sucker pond, for we are nothing but carnal sin in our depths.why are you so confused? Am I your clone?

My grieving gripe column today

The truth of the matter is no one can prove who the hell the kids are whose parents today today belong to ?
We have severe wracked our brains for 32 years trying to figure out why the hell this shit is happening to us.
I personally have not committed any crimes. I don't break the law where I don't have to. I'm sick and tired that the United States of America abusing my family in favor of some immigration law is not that I don't care about refugees and immigrants And those who defected their own country. And I'm not opposed to getting out of the deficit. However I am opposed to more criminal mischief racketeering organize crime Or imposters but that is the problem of United States of America today that we cannot legitimately allow this to happen and yet we are at a low on manpower This does not mean that you are going to defeat as an imposter legislation from South America here in the United States it does not mean that you are going to gain any ground whatsoever on this issue you are going to have to accept the truth no matter what the outcome If we are allowed we are to allow immigrants and refugees in the defectives come and gain residency inUnited States of America And we must make provisions for ourselves as delegates of the United States of America and those who approved and disapproved of what their imposing . We have been in more for a very long time. It's time to set aside our differences and start focusing more on the root of the problem. Despite our ill-natured it towards all of this we must come together as a people any humane Way in settle our disagreements. Although there are savage people in this world that we must acknowledge from time to time I don't see where they would win out in any given situation I do believe that we have the capabilities of dealing with this with out more violence and death but I do not see succumbing to the war against drugs as being the answer everyone who is the United States of America citizen all to know we have peace treaties and we have agreed that there will be no war in the United States of America although that is what it seems like we've been facing In the states and yet the government will not stop the war on drugs in the United States of America And now we are faced with something much more complicated which we do not want to apply and that someone has brought out the holy Bible and thought everybody should join a religious group so now we're faced with a multitude of influence religions and Occults and cults While some families are struggling just to stay together this is the grand plan of the communist country to deteriorate human family unit as we know it and repulsed us with their medical ideas and plans Not everyone is interested in mateing the blackbird with the Redbird, Oh what a beautiful children they can make by splicing this Jane and disintegrating another one. God's plan is for human kind to be a tentative to his plans not what mankind can do and if you feel compelled by God is so much of a way then you should be sitting in a psychiatric hospital undergoing these torturous treatments and test rather than having the general population decide for you. 
You should really really want to know is this the plan of God or is this the plan . Everybody on the planet God's people have want And need. Not everyone's needs and wants can be fulfilled. But we sure give it Our best try. Because some people's wants and needs are directly opposed to another not everyone achieves happiness Some perfectly content in their pessimistic life but my point is if we as a people unite in a peaceful way with the United States government are they gonna slack off On us? When they see your name will they say or  go oh I don't think I want to do anything for this person simply because 50 people told you that that person was Ill or psychotic or a criminal does that give them less? Perhaps that's exactly what they prefer and then maybe not so who are you going to listen to what are you going to call great and Worthy Who are you going to call a spotless lamb? Who Will you hire for the job? Will you choose a black person because the color of their skin or an Indian because their native all-white person because they're pure and will you ever believe that things that people tell you about your family will you shut the door and ignore the truth always get to work on what it is and what it should be and not what you think it should be United States of America and is not the Dominican republic they are freedom we are liberty life and prosperity the world cannot function under Dominican Republic in the United States and everything that is communist is definitely put aside for a rainy day we definitely look at you and we at knowledge what you're saying but we know that that is not a functioning brain and is dead in Christ not all Dominican not all Mexican-Americans of people from the south believed in communism and Dominican isn't a Catholicism some believe another things is because that's where the little geniuses went to work but we allowed you because it's all religions are inures is a religion of going to call status that we allow this to happen and now we are regretting it we at this family is not ready to tackle all of this although we listen and read knowledge you and we don't ignore we simply do not like the purging effect that we get from it and some people continue to purge and purge and purge Even at the detriment of others stop taking knowledge meant of what you're doing and stop hurting people just because we don't understand doesn't mean we don't count you as a human being and just because we we hear what you say doesn't me we were going to do what you say. We follow the United States of America you might be Dominican in the United States of America that you are not a leader unless you can except what the United States of America has to offer and if you don't like it you cannot change it you have to learn to live with what they people stand for you cannot keep going against the grain thinking you're going to make this world a better place by adding the chaos of another religion that is not in the fiber is like trying to mix chili ingredients and recipes are totally contradictory and causes of the poisonous gas it kills people so there's my gripe for today have a nice one and I hope you enjoyed it

He's got the best in town!

A truth tonight the computer is being used to racketeering whole apartment complexes whole families and being replaced by clones, yes I said it clones. The old motto give me some skin Has finally came to life. The children are being used to exploit the remaining families for their money even family names It is Thick as mud out here! Please get some USA citizens not clones .

Sunday, August 04, 2013

My supplements

Do your best I heard there is a lot to be aware of and weary of out there right now be careful.


They may look alike and names sound alike but they are not the reAl " jones's"

They are clones's