Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blue bloods red bloods

British, and Indian? And German?

You have got to be kidding me.....

Spanish and French ?

Why are they Mongolians because they can't eat anymore...and their blood won't multiply because they are blood dependent and their platelets stopped producing red blood cells.

Guess what there are consequences for breaking the trust!

Love triangle,"The British Are Coming"!

Should be perfect in every way! If you have been married before you know how a jealous other can be. 
Twos company and three is a crowd.
Sometimes it can be edgy and to the point.
But of you have perfect triangles then its very nurturing and loving.
God says where three or more are gathered in his name there so shall I also be.
He also said if a house is divided it will not stand .
So if you can get enough love triangle together in perfect harmony with god a home may be formed. This is house is called the church of god!
I defeat lucifers stronghold on my people but his attack is never ending . You have to remain strong even in the fair-face of adversity.
For somehow in awe of gods mighty plan  because we cared about the church,we waxed strong . Would it be fair to give the weakest army or should it be as strong as Goliath? 
Now lucifer has a mighty opponent , Shall we overcome? Give him his last rite! And let's pronounce him dead through Christ and the church.
For we do not wrestle with flesh and blood but the powers and principalities.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Flubby wubby was a bear
Flubby wubby has no hair
Flubby wubby wasn't fuzzy was he?

Abuse is not non-existant

Crack pot gun shot in the trees 

What are friends for?

I don't know tanniebear.....

Bared soul for you and you learn the truth!
Gee seems all you do is prosper in life!

The hardest thing to accept in life?

Is rejection

I was there for you the whole time

I stood beside you and fought for you and you never notice, i stood in front of you after the war was over with all my battered scars and you ignored me, I stood behind you and you left me, The one time I walked away from you you stalked me you wanted me and you tried to kill me, all in all I learned nothing, I felt nothing, But when you die you overtook me. And I gave you the last rite. I cannot forsake you no matter how hard I try and this is where I learned about heart  Courageousness And the will to survive you can follow me here Because I am alone within myself. Rest in peace.

Clean house

Mop the Floors
Pick up the trash
Oil the elevator
Vacuum the carpeted floors
Old banisters
Clean the windows
Clean the light fixtures
Do it yourself
Do not disturb residents
Get paid at the office
If they imply they don't have money tell them you're not on the fourth amendment community service team
Do your job every day without fail get paid
No one's paying you?
Why not
Will be in racketeer dictating our provider grants and using it to do company Housework 
And they may be receiving paychecks on top of those grants from each individual who is not using a provider which explains why no one can get their medication and their policies are lapsing. Those that are looking at house work are not house workers their home wreckers. They don't have any policies of their immigrants. 


Phase one ; Phosphorous , sulphur, gunpowder,homeopathic  remedies.

Haze two; whiskey honey, tobacco chew, 

Haze three; laxative three days

Repeat steps 123 in one week 

Clean house, Barbicide, spray, de flea, De-mite, use fly spray for flies and larvae,

Kidney , bladder, eyesores, eyesight, throat,

Phosphorous, alumina,vitamin a,c,d,e

Mega kelp, mega e, mega a, 



"Lighthorse" rest deeply. 

To tame a wild beast inside

Fasting after major antagonist, oatmeal, rice, eggs , venison.


Beets, calf liver, clorophylle , calcium, b- complex, spiralina, kelp, antagonist, small doses of iron 8mg


Ducolax magnesium malate or citrate   Start with magnesium at least 1000mg and ducolax two or three. 
Sepsis use sepia ,homeopathic and alumina ,pulsatilla Nigricans ,
Also good spiralina . Milk thistle , black cohosh. 

Breathing problems

Benedrylle n-acetal cytiene adrenalin primatine mist   Avoid aspartame msg and potassium 
If this doesn't work try sleeping in a sitting position. 
Or a machine called c-pap

Monday, August 12, 2013

No amendment 64

Get. Off our payroll get off our functions and get off our fourth amendment because? Helen L says so you ain't ahouse keeper  your home wrecker! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lifetime probation provided by your local psychiatric hospital

 When you in there into a program be aware that they will strip your right of mental competency they will strip your right your Second Amendment and they will strip your right to freedom under the new amendment 64 and they will lie to you and tell you you can do it anyway they'll even lie to you and give you a whole parcel of drugs and tell you you're not on drugs then no racketeer you and still your money that you so deserve from disability and they will assume the worst about you some serious thought before entering into a drug program provided by the state of Texas over and out You also may be used and you're unawares as a snitch and you get no trial only a hearing. 
I laughed so hard I broke my neck!

I'm sorry

It's a breach contract! Defeat of fines!

Here she comes



well I haven't slept in my bedroom for months now due to the fact that my neighbors are lighting bonfires and what is my backyard and my...