Saturday, August 31, 2013

Oh pi TT?

Everyone knows how clever the Japanese are, They are Buddhists and monks all sorts of religious aspects including martial arts. 
And their intelligence excels in electronics engineering.
How close can that be true to my family here in America? We're non-Japanese.

Our family was even in the United States of America the military who went to war in Pearl Harbor and Vietnam not to mention other wars and their headstones in the graves dating back to 1890.
What was her fascination with Japanese art. Was it The art by Japanese wasn't the number pi?

Everyone sitting around the dinner table the whole family and there is times loads of food  and grandmother standing there were all waiting for someone to give us permission to eat and grandmother walks in the house grab the  pi knife and cuts into a piece of pie With that and steading And I was looking at the joy of pie I looked up that my decorations on the wall which were in remembrance of her and how much she appreciated Japanese art shaky hands and we were ready to eat. And now that I'm reading the joy of pi I recall her doing that. Grandmother had a certain way about her that it had to be appropriate and very well mannered. And we did not like being scolded if we went out of turn she would be scolding us. That is a verbal thrashing. Matter-of-factly no one was allowed in the kitchen to cook or come in while cooking was going on. And this was understood that only the cooks to do this but in the case of thanksgiving dinner and as age groups of bone we need extra hands in the kitchen especially at Thanksgiving.
And so was looking at the number pi L so remembered my grandmother's fascination with Japanese art and I also followed in the same tradition and put several pieces of Japanese art on my wall. Now Layman's might equate the number pi is being the resemblance in the Japanese language. I put some pictures here for you to see.

Which way did they go?

Did they say oops we need some gas to go home?
Follow me?
Bump in the road? 
Let me bump your phone? 
Let me come in?
I'm hungry?
Can I stay here?
Is this a motel?
Can I park my car?

Lyrics of Alison krauss

Look at this messy sucker pond good for frogs and Mosquitos .. What else you got to offer? I guess I bury all your dead cowboys in there.

Artist:Alison Krauss
Album:A Hundred Miles or More: A Collection
Title:Down to the River to Pray

As I went down to the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ol' way
And who shall wear the starry crown?
Good Lord show me the way!

O sisters let's go down
Lets go down, Come on down
O sisters lets go down
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ol' way
And who shall wear the robe & crown
Good Lord show me the way

O brothers lets go down
Let's go down, Come on down
O brothers lets go down
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ol' way
And who shall wear the starry crown?
Good lord show me the way

O fathers lets go down
Let's go down, Come on down
O fathers lets go down
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studying about that good ol' way
And who shall wear th robe and crown
Good Lord show me the way

O mothers lets go down
Come on down, don't you wanna go down?
O Mothers lets go down
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studin about that good ol' way
And who shall wear the starry crown?
Good Lord show me the way

O sinners lets go down
Lets go down, come on down
O sinners lets go down
Down in the river to pray

As I went down in the river to pray
Studyin' about that good ol' way
And who shall wear the Robe and crown?
Good Lord show me the way

The new world order kinda looks like this

Friday, August 30, 2013

And this the greatest commandment

Here's what went wrong! But you did not believe in this commandment because it was construed in a way that meant you was going to die . You was going to be passed around like a piece of bread ,die of aids and in childbirth.
And you was offered this opportunity a million times. And a million times you said no! (Good for you) So you got married instead and had a baby, and you started life over a new , Your husband was untrue (you didn't know why)and you still  passed around like piece of bread. You didn't stop loving him or praying for him.(but in your unawares he was very devious and sly) And you almost died because of it. Now contrary to what you loved you had to let go of him( cause that's the way things are and you were told should be) Cause he will never be theirs because he accepted Christ(but he isn't quite yours either) but he didn't know you cannot fight the whole world of sex pots off alone( it was just like the judas'd kiss). Now there are brothers and sisters  but they are not infallible (no) how strong of faith do you have to have to change a man like that? (The only thing that stand between god the church and man seemed to be you)
Will we ever truly understand these simple ways of man?
Jesus if you cannot understand these simple things you will not understand the bigger things.
How large is the world? And how small are you standing in it?
You Put your dukes up and fight like a man, but you are weak... God is strong!
God even gave you the benefit of the doubt, you must have forgotten me he'd might say, You might have even forgotten what love is, are you crazy out of your head?

That's ok I forgave you ! Why does someone have to die for you to realize this?
Now your woman is all tapped out of love..
Since you opened the market 
And you sold the man on a piece of bread.he bought it, and the bread made him sick.

Do not attempt a triangle made of sex pots and perverts, we don't even want to but that's what really is tearing you up inside. 

Notorious prostitute.

And he was starving!

(And then Sigmund Freud and role reversal 
He became the bosom which his daughter nursed. Now that ain't right, but it ain't far from being wrong it s just a matter of a piece of bread. )

Signs of changing weather! Bipolar tactics.

You have to admire the work ingeniousness and the long hours that were put in to develop such high tech technology and this technology is the backbone of terrorism.
The reason I say that is because I just watched the genocide in Darfur Africa and Sudan. Seems that Africa and Darfur and Sudan do not have any resources or tolls today for oil so they employed China or Japan I'm not sure which one. And while I understand the war now in Africa and the terrorism placed on them by Arabians. I also know that China is fully capable of developing and working not only fulfill technology and supplies but also technology in the way of phone computers anymore.
But in the way of drugs China is the number one manufacturer of heroin and Africa the number one manufacturer of cocaine. There is no less comprehension why they have pain medications and why they use them. It is great pain to go through what they went through. But still terrorism is  in the United States and the blacks are being taught to fear Arabians.
Arabians and Persians are not underdogs and technology. They have United States educational grants and have studied a long time and are obvious why they are employed in companies such as ATT. But as a mass production of these technologies in the United States we had to learn that there are certain  laws  that we need to abide by even when it comes to our cameras cell phones and computers. And Africa star for and Sudon was under Cease fire and during a peace time people should not use cameras to aggravate people and a good story to follow would be "The Devil came on horseback".
Our US military lays the ground rules and enforces them. Sometimes we are not able to enforce such a large group but I'll be there promptly but they are in fact in tact and they are enforcing them. All this hype about cameras is a good thing but not when a person is in peace and sitting on a bench minding their own business and not doing anything wrong you don't need to take a picture of them. ThesePetty  ante pictures you can just make a mental note why not use your old brain for something. There are many vigils happening here in the United States and some of them are leaving candlelight vigil's in regards to the death of some child or someone, there should not be a vigilPersay. Actually vigils are against the law too. But not everyone can hold their tongue in such traumatic times. And sometimes a grieving mother cannot stop grieving and this send shock waves across every body. But here's a question for people who are bipolar why sit around and cry when there's nothing to cry about? And make everyone feel sorry for you when you hope you don't even have a problem. Sometimes by doing this you aggravate the problems. Stop crying! Don't you see you have a better life then some people do. But then you are elated and Grandioses And you walk past the very people who may need you.  That's cause you're on drugs baby. And you got to feed that addiction. With drawl is very very uncomfortable. We'd all like to roll with the good things in the good times and nurse off of it whatever we can do to satisfy our own selves, Pretty self-centered. And I hear that darfur and Sudon got into it because they didn't want to share maybe because they have royalty rights that they don't want to give up because they're greedy greedy people and that's all they think about.
But most of America is that way but when you have a certain amount and you must ration those provisions to someone who needs them you cannot take from the poor all your life! Some people believe that the stock exchange went down because it went broke or may be someone robbed it but the truth of the matter is that if you really look at those shares (we call it )they're nothing but rations. The rations are cut short in some peoples lives when you have to live off of Social Security disability welfare food stamps pantries and churches. And then we found the Robin Hood syndrome, This Cinderella complex. The problemsurface  every day. And I am not equipped to handle them. Because when you get on Social Security disability your education suffers from It, Because you're limited on the amount of money that you can make why your disability money is still coming in. And if your health is poor Then that is sucking up all the money. And Robin Hood is Robbing you blind. You'll never see the son of a guns hit you in the head you'll be gone before they know it. Move over rover let Robin Hood takeover. All hail no! Give me my damn money back! Hey we are fighting Again! So how do you keep peace during a cease fire? How do you stay off the drugs when you're in Africa and China? How do you not take a picture of a car wreck? How do you not call the police every day? How do you not call 911 for ambulance to take me away Calgon?
And where does the road end? It's when you come home! And you realize the error of your ways! And you accept Christ as your personal savior! And you learn
To pray, And you learn about praise! And you crawl into the bed you made And thank God you're alive! You made it through another day! And you didn't get shot at you didn't get burned you didn't get Rob and everything is working just fine. Your body says thank you, And you realize You love yourself and you love others and no one's gonna hurt you because they appreciate what you done, And they would never let anyone hurt you. You close your eyes and you go to that faraway place your mind Where everything is beautiful happy and sweet.
Have a blessed day we love you America we love you United States military god ibless you thank you for everything you've done For us today So when someone takes a shot camera shot at you and you're sitting in the park mind your own business just turn around and smile and pose for the camera! Not a big deal and go on about your way. You shouldn't have to sit newtons third law of relativity day in and day out struggling with whether or not you should yell at a person for taking a picture of you when you didn't want them to. But there is a line of demarcation everyone discuss it today.
Have a great day bye-bye now!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On a visual journey through a nightmare

While it's fresh in my mind I listen to the story of Cropsey, Is not one of my favorite things to do to watch movies that are like that but I also like to watch the facial expressions of the people as they talk about it and their demeanor and their appearance. Some people mention The black arts. There are two forces on that type of  activity, Of course we would not allow us to be attacked by such an evil thing without something opposing it. As there is darkness there is also light and God said we wouldn't put the candle under a bush, As it to snuff it out. The crack in the human psyche is what someone has defined it and he was very wise man. Even though Cropsey happened at the New York you have similar places in around the world that have mental institutions and reformatories but I have never in my lifetime seen one such as bad as Cropsey. Those children in New York and Willowbrook institution must of been very very brave. It is the very thing that evilness preys upon and that is the innocence and that of the young Without a defense they're simply eaten alive by whatever prey upon them. But there is hope when you enlighten the world of the conditions of our children. Our children are not servitude to no man butI living God the father of our country but when you see this kind of madness being done to the children and you know then the depths of Satan, And he will be Curtailed.
We as Christians know God has a plan for each and everyone of them children and that you have chosen the children but they are going to grow up into a mighty army Not forgotten. Upon the face of the waters you see a reflection and you look and you see a face well that same reflection because the world is mostly water reflects upon the face of the earth. Sometimes entire structures have been moved in the blink of the night and you know not where goes no not why you don't know how when or where? Sometimes our physical bodies are taken from us but this is a learn to walk in spirit. If you believe in evil evil reproduces evil. If you believe in God and forgiveness goodness reproduces goodness. And as we are 97% water human beings we also reflect. The sun is hotter when you're on the coast and you're by the water. Warm is a key factor to the re-creation. And in the desert of Nevada on dry days people hallucinate, Even Vegas acknowledges the fact of the Mirage.
That is very strong magic in some peoples opinion. But that is what we all long for an praise the warmth of our parents arms the warmth of our friends and somehow that has gotten all changed. Exchange for the children of Cropsey knows kids must've been cold and lonely and scared. And hunger is the main factor. But that is exactly why we went to Ethiopia to see the hungry bellies of the Nicaraguan sleep Ethiopians is I know why we go adopt dogs and cats and birds. But they are just beasts. Much like in revelations of the holy Bible speaks of the beast. And it equates the beast as and evilness. No they do use animals dogs and the movie and that is almost almost hypocritical or blasphemous. To the living children it would be and to the deceased the spirit will not be nurtured by dog digging around in there remains. It must've been a fetish of those who traveled there beyond the point of Cropsey. a tourism that is not quenchable. Cropsey in the whole island of Staten Island should be totally taken away and recycle it. The graves  should remain. And all those who do not have a headstone should get one. Or some sort of tree or ornament and give him a name even though they don't have one. And it shouldn't be Jane Doe or John Doe. Let their names glorify the Lord. Sanctify Staten Island cleaned it and process it as a garden. Quit feeding on it's remains. Make it a garden where people can go to mourn the death of their family children and so forth similar to a crossroad. And you may even  subtitling as the rebels crossover. For each child was definitely crossed by the rebellion Of angels and man. Let's not use anymore terminology anywhere in the United States referring to Cropsey or Willow Brook. Let's not wake a sleeping giant. And let's not kindle the wrath of the Lord thy God. Let's go straight to 1000 years of peace. Incident Staten Island is  worse places let's make it a beautiful place so that we don't remember anything other than what we would choose to recall. It's very dirty dirty dirty and filthy dust and debris all over the place and looks like everybody has had their fun. Not one person can be held  Not guilty. For allowing it to happen New York should be billed. And you shouldn't act the fourth amendment yes and get the prisoners to go out there and do the work as a privilege on a work permit in order to bring about some fair money. Meanwhile we'll keep our eyes open down here in Texas for the likes of people like that will continue to reenact the crimes or feed off of or or relive. them.
And just keep going forward and try not to go to back too far .
Seems we never get nothing done if they don't do it themselves. Prisoners seem like they're pretty willing to do just about anything even kill people so why not put them to work? We went we don't appreciate that that the story living down here in Texas with our new Willowbrook mall and the son of Sam's mental illness lingering in our Air and you know all this stuff is look for a positive outlook and strive for a better tomorrow and let's let's bring into our own personal being our own personal real relatively this to the story and try to keep that our business and you keep to your business and keep working toward that common goal of three new turn the soul and went to rest. Turn the soil lay it to rest. God bless you the Big Apple you're beautiful!

Frankie's booboo has a question!

My little Frankie dawg has a question! He wants to know what is that thing you put on my back! (Ouchy woo woo) not I get radar signals and my owner is paying for it by wiping the counter with my back!


NFC is similar to Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) but far more functional when incorporated in products or devices such as mobile phones. RFID is a usefulContactless (proximity) technology most of us use today but may not realize it or take for granted. Some common examples are:

  • Electronic Toll  Collection (i.e. TollTag) and public transit fare collection 
  • Access Control- building access cards, key tags or electronic keys 
  • Automobile key authentication (i.e. Automobile Immobilization Systems)
  • Household pet identification (veterinarian-placed ID tags/capsules)
  • Certain types of electronic credit and debit cards, Speedpass key tag

NFC can emulate RFID functionality, both as aTag (also referred to as a token or transponder) which is usually the mobile component used to provide unique identification information, and as a Reader  (or Interrogator) which is generally the fixed or stationary component used to read or identify tags. When NFC technology is incorporated into a device like a mobile phone that has a display, keypad, programmable memory and wireless Internet connection, the NFC mobile phone can emulate multiple tags, tokens or cards, as well as provide additional contactless functionality. Some functionality includes:

  • Electronic Toll  Collection (i.e. TollTag) and public transit fare collection 
  • Access Control- building access cards, key tags or electronic keys 
  • Automobile key authentication (i.e. Automobile Immobilization Systems)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Arsenic and stricnine poisoning

Put into different drugs and tobaccos
Also used to make LSD and other psychedelics. Please don't take illegal street drugs ! You will see ridges in fingernails and toe nails . 
Some Illnesses are prefabricated .like a test of the medical facility. There is more problems than you can imagine . Know the signs! 
Hazarded with potassium will stop the heart from beating. 
And carbon dioxide is a result from hot ice but also a result from the making crack cocaine. Which may mimic cigarette smoking, and car exhaust which is carbon monoxide. Carbon dioxide is beneficial to trees and greenery. Be blessed today!